Boundless Halloween Week - 25th Oct - 1st Nov


Hello Citizens,

It’s the time of year for trick or treating, but here at the Boundless HQ we figured we’d do less of the Tricking and more of the Treating this time with our brand new Halloween event! Featuring Spoooooky Seeeeeds, Scary Lanterns and a New Halloween Mask!

From 12:00 UTC 25th October to 12:00 UTC 1st November, you’ll find Spooky Seeds dropping from various plants in game which can be used in recipes to craft the all new Pumpkin and Skull Lanterns. Plus you can terrify your friends by picking up the new Halloween Mask from The Exchange.

Remember this is a limited time event - once the 1st November comes around, the seeds will no longer drop and the Halloween Mask will disappear from The Exchange! If you still have some seeds leftover, don’t worry, you’ll still be able to craft the Lanterns even when the event is over.

Sharpen your axes everyone, we’ve got some Spooky Seeds to hunt!

Spooky seeds?
Halloween event
Seed Axes in BlackLight
Halloween Event Recipes, Drops


If you can’t warn us which plants, can you at least clear 2 things.

By ‘Plants’ do you mean like Desert Swords, or do you mean the tall grass?

And secondly, will it only be planets on certain planets? Such as only on lvl 4+ planets? And if on all planets, would higher level worlds drop more of them?

Ps, yes, I am fishing for information to get an advantage over other players to help farm the items first.


Surely it won’t take much effort to find out as theres a grand total of about 8 different plants. Half of which drop seeds. :slight_smile:


From the context of “sharpen your axes” I’m assuming the resource dropping plants such as desert sword will be dropping the seeds, as the axe is the most effective tool for gathering them.

If you’re looking for a market edge, dump your stock of leaves, yams, and beans now because the market will be flooded when this event starts and prices will plummet.


me atm


Can’t wait to start crafting those skulls for a cool dungeon hallway!


Very exciting, looking forward to this type of event for the holidays, hopefully it goes over well and they add more limited time items for Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up , I hope the player count avg goes up alot more during the event too


I can’t wait, although I wish that skull lantern was a mask too.


Time to put up my ‘no trick or treating’ sign.

I’m certainly going to be partaking in this event however!


Oh yeah. I can’t wait. Because I’m going to need tons of those skulls.


What a cool build!!! Great work!! :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


Cool to see you guys doing this. I do enjoy the holiday themes in game. If the Halloween masks disappear from the exchange will you still have them if you bought them so that you can wear them?


That is a awesome looking build. Really good job.


Yep, if you get the Mask during the event, it’s yours forever. It just won’t be available to get after November 1st.


Is the mask going to available for all my characters if I purchase it? Or will I have to purchase multiple copies if I want all my characters to have it?


you will have to purchase multiple copies if you want all your characters to have it


Woo! Excited to see how this goes, as well as upcoming events for new seasons!

You guys want my honest recommendation? Keep events like this going frequently, these really really help player retention, giving them a lot of limited time things to do is exciting :slight_smile: make up random events too don’t just stick to big traditional holidays


Welp so much for that:p
Is it possible to provide an option to purchase directly for cash and have it be account wide? This way it cant be abused with cubits? I have no intention of purchasing it on all of my alts and I personally dont believe cosmetics are worth purchasing for just one character. I switch characters far to often for me to get any real value out of it on just one character.


I am very excited to see an event like this in the game! Super stoked to farm seeeeeeds!