Boundless Halloween Week - 25th Oct - 1st Nov


aaah , I wondered what the 'spooky seeds ’ were showing up on each planets resources list in game.

Game on!


This is great, so excited for this event. Keep em coming!!!


I’ve chopped a ton of plants on a few planets now, not a single seed. Has anyone actually harvested some yet?


It is not in game until the 25th


I thought i read where someone had found some seeds already. Is why I asked.


I mentioned that spooky seeds are showing on the planet resources list in game already. You can see their % like you can gold/silver and other resources on other planets.


cant wait for this great job dev’s


wow! fantastic work dude! :+1:


Thank you. It’s coming along.


Out of curiosity, what time in what time zone does this drop?


So… 5am PST or 8am EST? Right? From me it’s a 7 hr difference to UTC


Thanks. My eyes somehow glossed over that.

So Thursday evening for us north America folks.


hahaha I visited your house a few days ago when you were not there …


While the limited time events are fun I am missing out because I will be out of town and away from my computer. I have left a request basket for them at my shop in Taco Land and offering 3c each seed. Hopefully I’ll be able to grab the mask before the event is over.


Assuming they mean 12am UTC, that would be Wednesday evening for NA wouldn’t it? If it’s PM, then Thursday morning.


Good question :thinking: that’ll influence my play time


Count on Thursday


For those who haven’t had a looky yet in the knowledge tab, the recipe is available there for the craftable lanterns right now. So get prepared for tomorrow and have a look.


They’re also in your work bench.


So which is it, thursday am for usa or thurs evening?

didn’t mean that as a response to Pseudo.