Boundless Halloween Week - 25th Oct - 1st Nov


5.30 hours to it starts


That’s midday UTC, midnight would’ve been 00:00 :slight_smile:

So in roughly 5 hours.




Got my first mass craft of jack-o-lanterns going!

Wanted to start with the masks, but realized I had turned all my small fossils into dust, guess I’ll have to do some low-level planet mining.


Anyone have the listed plants they drop from?

I remember seeing a post stating I think it was 3 types of plants it was but don’t recall if it’s correct.


Hey Chompman,

If you take a look in your Knowledge tab, all the info is there.

For reference though it’s:
Oortian Staff
Trumpet Root
Rosetta Nox


Great idea. Make it drop from only 3 plants, and make it drop only a few. That way we can enjoy the grind :wink:

edit: oh and we only get a few days to get them. Even more enjoyable <3


A week isn’t unreasonable, and every player ending up with smart stacks of seeds without trying wouldn’t be good for anyone.


Oh yes. Cause a yearly event should only give people a few of the event items. Don’t defend stupid things.


I got 280 seeds in 45 min, and that was only farming Oortian Staff, not the much easier to find Rosetta Nox. This is not a grindy event. I’ll be able to have a mass craft of each after maybe 75 min of farming.


75 minutes of farming for a single mass craft. Yes. Nothing wrong with that Bruv :wink:


Takes about 30 minutes for a mass craft if you have max speed and luck. Not the fastest thing in the world, but sure as hell not the grindiest thing either.


I hope this isn’t another resource that is all gone by the time I get out of work and get to try looking for them.


75 min for a mass craft of all the event items, how long do you think it should take to exhaust the content?


It’s a 7 day event. It should take 10 minutes to get enough seeds for a mass at most.


If you think that’s too long, your issue is with the genre, not the game.

Yes, that’s reasonable.


Lol, uh, no.


They are two very common plants so don’t expect it anytime soon.


Which plants drop em?


Some of the most common ones: