Standard in-game time

I want to see a standard in game time/clock that all can relate to.
Now its hard to know what time player mean, with all different time-zones people live in.


That would be awsom! Call it ort time.


Lets keep this discussion alive.
It would make sense for ort time to be measured on a 24 hour frame. I think 1am should equil 1 where the game is developed and go all the way to 24 which would be midnight there.
Thoughts from the community? …


Not quite sure what you’re requesting here?

Do you want the game to report it’s 2pm in the Boundless universe no matter where players are physically located?


Like say, let’s get online or go on a hunt at 2pm boundless time or so on. Or guild meeting at 8pm, etc.


Yeah, would love a universal boundless time, even if it matches with GMT.

It’s a problems with a lot of games with international guilds from all different timezones trying to arrange things. GMT, BST, UST, EST, CET - it’s just painful having to try and give out the time for a guild meet or raid in so many different timezones involved.

An “Oort Standard Time” would help out a lot.


what she said


so what ever time it was where you the developers are that’s what time it is everywhere but on military time. 2:21 pm would be 14:21 ort time everywhere.


Now, we would have our own personal times and time zones, so some people in a guild might be unfortunately left out because the time it’s planned is 3am for them.

But for the people available to do it, we could give a time in Oort Time, and then we would just need to be in game at that point.

Stretchious would probably enjoy putting a clock synced to UK time on they’re website so everyone could know. Heck, maybe they’d even design an alarm clock.


+1 for this idea. I would really like to see it in game

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It also doesn’t specifically need to be added to the HUD, it could just be on the inventory screen, up at the top. In military time. 14:23:12 would be 12 seconds into 2:23pm

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@Stretchious what do you think. would you put a 24-hour clock on your website, based off of the time zone that the devs are in?

If it made it into the game, I’d certainly consider it if it were of value to people


This would be a fantastic addition.


who knew such a small thing would be latched onto so hard by the userbase. i guess we really love our clocks.

this would definitely be more useful in the future with guilds and guild meetings. stuff like that. but would be awesome to use normally anyway:)


Developers lives in the Great Britain, and the Britain is the center of all worlds time with

Greenwich Mean Time

Why you all cannot use GMT for timing? I’m on GMT+3 right now (but GMT+2 during summer time by our mr. president will :pensive:).

It’s public and easy for all.

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While I get what you mean, even we change our clocks twice a year, currently here in the UK we are observing British Summer Time, which is GMT+1, this bumps all of Europe ahead one hour (France/Germany are currently GMT+2 etc etc).

A better standardised clock would be UTC, you’ll see us use this is announcements as it never changes.


welll… it ‘does’, only that it only changes by a second every now and then over the years to account for clock drift from earth’s rotation slowing down as our days get longer.


I find this “oort” time system very interesting and it would be awesome to see by the friend’s nick last time he logged in and time when we can usually meet him in the game like from 5oort to 8oort time. Ofc that’s just an addition to the system and is not that needed :slight_smile:


Its nice to see when my friend was last log in, if i should keep his beacon filled.