Boundless Halloween Week - 25th Oct - 1st Nov


Oh sweet thanks nevir.


I realize there is a jump to defend the event, and I don’t want to get into a fight or anything.

I do agree @wolfpack2012 that the three plants things is a bit odd for a 1 week event.

Considering the event is 1 week I thought the seeds would drop from many sources (I.E Strong Mobs sometimes and at least one block could drop them)

Usually , in my experience, in events like these the seeds would drop from a lot of things so that your normal playstyle would bank you some.

“Oh I am going mining, weee what fun I am also getting seeds!” vs “For a limited time seeds are up and I have to hunt these specific plants to get it”

Limited time + limited sources …is pretty limited and seems an odd design choice.

I went around and gathered the ones I want, and I am trading for more…but…Maybe in the future @Steggs101 can you provide feedback to have maybe less drop but from more things? that way Hunters, Miners, Wood Cutters all are getting seeds as they enjoy and play Boundless vs having to play a certain way to get the seeds?

Again, just my 2 cents and feedback on how it feels.



I will say this, the drop rate is more anemic than I expected. Looks like 1 seed every 3-4 plants.


Really? Must be world tier related, or luck level related. I just pulled 40 Rosetta nox and 10 trumpet root I had stored in my shelves and broke them on besevrona and yielded exactly 80 seeds.

As with all plant farming, the most effective tactic available is to scoop em on low tier planets where they are common and break em on high tier planets where luck raises the drop rates of rare drops


I didn’t have much time this morning to test but I cleared out a mud flat on Angel I of rosetta nox and got 32 in about 10-15 minutes. I imagine the drop rate is better on higher tier plants.


I was hitting Storis and Imdaari. 30 minutes, 8 seeds.

It might have just been bad luck.


Yes, I was just talking about this with my brother. I would love to see more live events, but centered around the game’s own lore. Ancient Oortian themed skins and items, please!


This is the point I was poorly trying to make. Thanks for fixing my blunt explanation. Personally I really don’t like plant farming. It’s the worse thing in the game for me. Would have loved to get it from mobs or mining as an option just because I don’t like to farm plants.

edit: This 3 plant only style would work, if there wasn’t a time limit. If the seeds were staying forever it wouldn’t be a problem at all. But 7 days with something as restricted as this? Nah Bruv.


Almost everywhere I went last night the relevant plants were mostly picked clean. Is a week going to be long enough to get decent regen before the event is over I wonder?


Great Job!!!

I love the UNPLAYABLE CONNECTION really scary…

But where is it? coordinate please???


Absolutely, I really appreciate the feedback here and I’ll pass it on to the team. I think we’re likely to put up a little feedback thread on the event to see how every feels they could be improved (that’s not going to be this thread!), I’ll be putting that up once the event is finished to get some more opinions :slight_smile:


I was happy to see plants still around last night. I was able to find enough oortian staffs in the deserts on lamblis to make 5 pumpkins and 5 skulls.
Event going well so far, good job devs.
There are probably much better areas and I definitely saw areas with no plants.
Location matters greatly.


I feel it would be improved if there was no randomness or luck to it. If every plant used, dropped exactly 1 seed, every single time, no matter skill, level, planet, or location.

An Event is already timed, people have to be here on these days, or will never get access to these seeds without luck of people having some unused stored away and selling/trading them.

The Event shouldn’t also be a grindfest, on top of being limited. We’re already having to grind in the low and mid game, let alone the insane grind in the end game. Don’t make the Events a grind too. That’s just going to make people not want to do the events and ignore when they happen. I already know I’m ignoring this one. I have to grind other things to run my shop and try to progress, I can’t waste time on other useless grinds.


I would love to have the candle light as a new recipe, without the pumpkin.


Total grind fest. Spent hours yesterday to get 180 for one mass craft of skulls. (25 skulls) Anyone selling seeds I’m buying. Lol.


Lots of people buying seeds, and i guess selling too. But most people are buying at 200c and 250c each. And it’s in the middle of the event. That price is going to skyrocket after Nov 1st


Hahaha. The unplayable connection is the worst. We have 2 portals. One from our main base on alder close to Grand Junction. And a small portal from the Aquarius Portal Hub US east gateway.


Dislike the event mechanics, like the reward.

A special event should drop the item for most game activities or be an actual special event with something you couldnt do before. Not gather boring stuff just like before but this time you can only get it from these few limited plants.


Oh like explore a haunted house?
Or go trick or treating at event houses? (Like the old prefab ruins)
Or search for event items? Spawned Halloween blocks? Plants? Ghosts?
Build a Halloween sculpture?
Set off fireworks?


90 minutes, 70 plants, 15 spooky seeds.

That’s terrible.