yeah. Think of the worst possible boundless additions on this thread (They can be good on a seperate gamemode)

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No More :cookie: s D:

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Buugi had a survival mode laid out.
Create a character. And then survive as long as you can.
You can’t buy anything, use any portal networks, visit any settlements. If you want to travel to another world, you’ll have to craft and use warp augments.
You pretty much have to live like a hermit, on your own and survive as long as possible.

I’ve done it myself and actually lasted a week, before accidentally pissing off a wildstock who booped me to death.


not sure if you have seen my Permadeath series i do on YouTube i have a rule set of

  1. No visiting any settlement until lv.35
  2. No buying or selling must make everything
  3. No help from anyone
  4. No portals unless you open it only warps allowed otherwise to travel to planets.
  5. Live as a hermit
  6. DEATH is final character gets deleted after first death

If you are interested in trying it out its a good challenge


a state of wilful ignorance (pretty much same as @BloodRaven56’s list except for the perma-death)

had this when I first started playing boundless, blissfully ignoring forums or reading most of the in-game hints, which all would have made my life a lot easier ofc, yet still managed to have a great deal of fun.

also very fast or hookshot grapples are already part of the hardcore experience…still manage to muck up the timing on a regular basis :sweat_smile:.


Ah sorry. I misremembered that. It was you who had that spelled out. For some reason I thought it was Buugi…

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I’ll try the hardcore boundless thing and put my own spin on it. I’ll keep a log of every day I survive (1k coin that I die on my first day).

I did it. I survived 2 weeks, but I did it on a tier 1 (Raxxa).

I’ll do it on multiple tiers. My spin on it would be you can visit settlements but not do anything in them. I’ll keep a log under the lore category in the forums