Boundless is too easy

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Hardcore mode - drop all items upon death

Perma death…you lose…make a new character

Grapple only stays attached for 2 seconds

People can downvote your build or store so you lose footfall/sales coin

Warping has an RNG chance to send you elsewhere

Going into a harmful atmosphere stays with your character for 24 hours

You can only change skill pages or characters once every 7 days

You can only use 25 skill points per page

No footfall

Make all items purchasable with $, ptw ftw

Natural weather events that destroy property

Have to pay property taxes on every beacon

All Sales hand trade only, no malls

using the minter cost coins

You can only trade and obtain certain items on certain days

Slingbows use spark

Mobs that steal your inventory or placed blocks

Light sources have chance of catching fire and burning down builds

Monthly Server Hard Wipe

Blocks do not regenerate

Plots should be harder to get

More Items should take Super Enriched Bonding Agent to craft

Portals should take more oort

Full PVP and griefing

Add every piece of clothing and paints as $ DLC

Add everything ever including updates as $ DLC, free updates…psh

Characters should have to sleep 5+ minutes to rest every day cycle

Machines and Coils should break like tools

Guild Buffs are too Cheap

Warping to friends is too easy, remove

Warping should cost oort

No Chrysominter

Creature swarms if you AFK too long.

diseases, and extreme weather conditions that require fur diapers!

Everyday one random account is terminated.

The devs block access to the game servers everytime 3 or more threads are locked.

Devs secretly send out the Hunter Wraith, on a whim, a few times a week.

Monthly Subscription to play

Leveling should be harder

Characters should age and die

Make planet tax rates controlled by viceroy and go to them, rich get richer

Regen Bombs to easy, remove

No Hud, only see chat

Mobs should be harder

All drops should be more rare

all blocks yield the same exp

all blocks with seams have a 1% change of dropping

no chisels. at all

Add Hunger Meter separate from energy meter so more stats to maintain

Add vitamin level needed to maintain to stay healthy

Thirst Bar

Heat and Cold, weather sensitivity to body. Freezing Cold reduces speed and energy, Scorching Heat reduces hunger and thirst, both damage over time

Weather has negative effects on plants

Make things more rare/expensive

Tools should break faster, and 3x3 too easy, 1x1 only

Make forging harder

Disconnect the universe and make everything server based you have to manually load into

Get rid of survival mode completely and make everything creative so people don’t complain about plots or lack of availability of items

:blue_heart: :boundless: This post is to bring attention to how great boundless is, and how bad it could have been. Give the devs some credit guys. Things could have been way different. :blue_heart:


Haven & hearth PTSD intensifies


I miss the old death penalty


Ive tinkered with the idea of starting a new character on a tier 5 or 6 world, starting at one level 1 with nothing but an atmosphere pie and single hammer of some kind (iron? gold?)

No outside help, and no use of portals that arnt made by said character.

If you wanted to have a challenge, that would be the way to do it ahah


FINALLY someone posts a thread that I can get behind with all my remaining enthusiasm.

Hardcore mode please!!


add …all blocks yield the same exp
add … all blocks with seams have a 1% chance of dropping


:smile: reading this got so intense! I think we’re all lucky! :heart_decoration:


Stand too close to bright gleam and you are blinded for 7 days

EDIT: Build with bright coloured gleams for too long without changing to another block and be blinded permanently.


imagine to do that 3x better wait for the hard wipe


These made me laugh XD

This list though…:skull_and_crossbones: lol


I’d genuinely love these to happen, come at me :sunglasses:


Oh hell yes. And then can we put them on a separate planet type so every time someone argues for something grindy/PvP-ish in the game, we can all tell them that they don’t belong here and they should go and play on hard-core.


On Conan Exiles not only do you have a food meter there’s a temperature meter. Environment temperature matters and you have to wear climate appropriate armor. You can kind of stay warm though by chugging alcohol and spiced meat though, or stay cool by chugging water. It’s a really cool system. Way underrated game.


I like in Conan though where you keep your level but lose all your items on death. But I’d be interested to see either.

How could this be implemented? Maybe kind of like creative bridges, have it switch your inventory?


As Buugi stated; how about the old death penalty? Where you lose 25% of your tool’s durability after dying.

Vulpto’s underground lava pits ate many a tool from me. I still can’t look at rubies the same after that planet. Haha :grin:


I think losing everything when you die makes more sense “logically” lol


I mean, “Logically” when you die, it should be game over and your character is gone for good.


Hence the quotes

Still though. To me it makes more sense if you die you wake up naked.

That’s how it works in Minecraft too afaik. Res at your bed right?


Yeah, but it’s a great to bring in re-incarnation. Die as a Citizen? No problem, you can play as a Hopper for a bit.


Gun game
If you beat a meteor you get to change character type