Boundless in the News after PSX

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Hi everyone,

We’re back from sunny :sunny: LA :us: and in the cold, wet :snowflake: :cloud_rain: UK :gb:.

Since we got back we’ve seen Boundless popping up in a few news articles and Youtube channels and we thought it would be a good idea to share these links with you and encourage our community to support those who are giving Boundless its moment in the spotlight.

Please take a moment to watch, read and comment (hopefully a positive comment) on any articles about Boundless to help us spread the word.

Phatt Island Gaming Co.

Trailer Videos
Press A Key
This Gen Gaming
3D Juegos

The Guardian
3DM Game
Gamer Channel Hungary
One Angry Gamer
PlayStation.Blog - Article 1
PlayStation.Blog - Article 2

By the way, @james is still reeling about that 1 downvote on our trailer. His mood can be summed up by this one MEME.

If you find anymore articles please share them here with the rest of the community and the development team.

Thanks everyone! :fist::boundless:

Update 1 - Adding PSN articles


I wonder… Who of you guys is it that he is interviewing

Left side is @james and right side is @olliepurkiss is my guess.

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The guy introduces them at like the 00:06 mark lol. @Heurazio is correct.

…why, why for the old meme’s

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@james, @luke-turbulenz: We are missing 2 devlog topics (02.12.2016, 09.12.2016) ?! When can we expect them ?

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Heres a mini one:

Week 1 making trailer and demo
Week 2 fixing bugs for next update



They’ve been busy with PSX and the trailer my man. Let’s give them a pass this time eh? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I like the interview :slight_smile: seemed just like everyone was quite excited and bit nervous, even the reporter haha :slight_smile:

Besides, anyone already scouted for german magazines reporting from the PSX?
I guess the game has quite big potential in Germany with a good marketing.

Since you are back from PSX, did you make many pictures to share with us? Pictures of a fully occupied stand and a screaming crowd? :wink:

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If you find any, please share them with us here. :slight_smile:

Some have been uploaded to our twitter page.

I’ll see if we can pull them together and upload them on here and facebook.

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We’ve been featured on the PlayStation.Blog. Head to the OP to see the link.