Boundless Information Station

Great effort! Thanks for this. Very handy to have all of this info in one place rather than a dozen bookmarks here and there.

Just 2 suggestions please if they can be done:

  • May I suggest adding the distances between planets along with the portal reference info?
  • Also, would it be possible to search by “output” color in the mixer instead of having to experiment with all the input colors until you find the output you need.


Thanks for the suggestions!

100%, absolutely!
Was planning to do this next actually :wink:

Not really, no. There are a nearly unlimited amount of combinations per colour. It could spit the first one it finds out to you but what good is that if you don’t have the right pigments?
I might be able to add something to make the experimenting a little easier but that’s all


This is now live.

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New update:
Extras / Block Drops

Added a page to search for a block or droppable item.
After making your selection, you’ll get a result table showing you either what that block drops or what that droppable item drops from along with the drop rates!

Here is an example for “Saltpetre Fragments”:

A little side-note:
I’m trialling a new “Fuzzy Search” with the search box which will search for results that are “the most similar” to what you type in. This allows it to handle things like typos and misspellings but means the results outside of what you’re looking for may not make a whole lot of sense.

Let me know what you think of it!


Been a little while since my last update but here is what’s new:
Worlds Search!

Head over to the Worlds tab and you’ll be greeted with access to search and filter every World in the (Live) Boundless universe!

If you click a World Name, you’ll get even more info for that world with tabs offering up both Resource and Colour information for that world!
Disclaimer: Sovereign colour information requires a manual process to acquire and therefore is only available for worlds that have requested it.

Here’s a sneak peek:

And, as always, it’s mobile firendly :smile:

All of the world information is powered by Boundlexx

Coming soon:
Colour Finder and Resource Guide will be getting updates to use Boundlexx as well, giving them access to both Exoworld and Sovereign information. Stay tuned!


I know I said next up was the Colour Finder and Resource Guide updates but today I am merging in something from my private repo and making it public!

First Up: Colour Mixer Advanced Mode
If you head to the Colour Mixer tab (while on Desktop), you’ll now see a toggle switch for activating “Advanced Mode”! What Advanced Mode does is display a 3D, interactable chart showing all 255 colours represented by their LAB values!

“What the damn hell am I looking at and how is this helpful?!?!” you may ask!
Well, when you add a colour into the mixer, the point representing that colour will be highlighted in the chart! Add a second colour, and OMG there’s a line connecting the two! Keep adding more and you’ll get more lines all focusing on the contre point between them all!

“So? I still don’t get it” you may still be saying!
Well, that centre point represents what the resulting colour is going to be! The point closest to that centre point in the output of your Colour Mixer. You can steer that centre point towards the colour you’re hoping to get in a relatively quick and… still kinda painful but slightly less painful way!

Secondly: Goo Mutation
Okay, I’m not going to explain the intricacies of goo mutation to you here. Either you have a rough idea of how it works and you’ll think this is flipping amazing, or you have no idea/interest in which case… sorry?

Find the answers to:

  • What happens if I put this goo on that gleam?
  • What can this goo turn into?
  • What turns into this goo?
  • How far away is that goo from this goo?
  • I have this goo and all this gleam, what can I make?!

Lastly: Update Notifications!
Not like actual notifications, like the site won’t be asking you to allow them or any such nonsense. But if there is a new version available and your browser/app has downloaded it then you’ll see the following message:

Upon the clicking of “here”, you will be greeted with Patch Notes!

If you click “Reload”, the page will reload with the update!
If you click “Close”, the update will be awaiting you upon you next visit to the site.

Note: The Update Notifications will only occur if you have visited the site since they were first introduced. If this is your first time since they were added (very likely) then you will only recieve future notifications and may need to manually refresh the page to get the update. The idea is that this will streamline the updates in the future but I can’t do anything about the past.

And there you have it!
I promise that Colour Finder and Resource Guide will be updated to use Boundlexx very soon but, for now, enjoy this :grin:


This will be fantastic, let me see if i can access it @DreamEvil

Edit: I am having trouble accessing the link right now, hmm yeah, i can’t seem to access boundless information station.

Edit: nevermind got there from a previous link on this thread

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@DreamEvil holy ■■■■! this is amazing dreamevil. @lucadeltodecso @james this is what the game needs in the game for people to mix paints. The advanced view of the mixer with the 3d model and line linkage assistance is revolutionary for assisting people to reach target colors. It lets people play around with what they need to reach colors and in what quantities. Is there a way this can be added to the game?

Thank you so much for adding this @DreamEvil


Loving the addition of sovereign color and resource search capabilities! Now my silk cobalt collection can get closer to complete :wink:


Wow, I had not noticed the “World Control” function before. I had been leaving one of my non keeper worlds colors not set so I could check what colors are available to be chosen for certain items. No need for me to do that now! Great feature that I did not even know I wanted… what a time saver.


Dreamevil is Best Evil


As reported by Soju (:grin:) , Boundlexx has been integrated into the Colour Finder!

To add onto this though, it has also been integrated into the Resource Guide!
The Resource Guide, unlike the Colour Finder, does not require manual interaction of individual worlds to be up-to-date. That means that the numbers are available for all worlds, and have been sampled within the last, at worst, 20 minutes! (Boundlexx cache time + world resource refresh time).

This means that the Boundless Information Station is now fully up-to-date.

I still have ideas for new functionality to be added, but at this stage I haven’t yet decided on what will be next. As always though:
Any and all suggestions, critisisms and, most importantly, high praise are welcome! :heart:


My one suggestion (other than my constant "add comments to planets) is to add links from the World Control searches to color finder searches. This way, I can search to see what comes in Strong Turquoise, then see gleam on the list, click it, and get search results for which planets actually have it.

Also thank you and your awesome!


I’ve been using this a lot during the color change exo to see what I should be collecting (and not collecting!)

It might be useful to add a toggle for showing transform/craftable. For example, if I want Color C Exotic Foliage, when the toggle is on, the website will also show worlds with Color C Waxy and Lush Foliage. Similarly for rocks, etc.

In particular, for sand, the toggle would include gravel and all 3 rocks, and for gravel, the toggle would include all 3 rocks. List sorted in order of directness (sand planets first, then gravel planets, then rock planets)

I don’t know if anyone else is finding this, but on Android (phone and tablet) the text box on the colour finder is not selectable, doesn’t bring up keyboard and no cursor!


Thanks for reporting.
Seems like the API where the site gets a lot its data has gone down.

Edit: Looks like it’s fixed


@DreamEvil Heya! It looks like the Information Station might be having some issues. Can’t get it to let me input resources or colours, today! :frowning:

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Hey buddy, thanks for the report!
It seems that Boundlexx, the API that’s the source of a lot of the site’s data, is having some troubles.

I really should make it so it notifies the user in these cases :thinking:


Ouh nice that’s a super cool tool :grin: thanks for doing that. Bookmarked :grin:


You are amazing for making this wonderful tool!