Boundless Keeps Closing before the login process (resolved)

I am on Windows 10 and I start boundless the initial logo pops up and then it crashes with no error. I go to look in the windows application and error logs and nothing is there in reference to boundless crashing, just the standard messages that the application was started and closing.
It does not appear to be hitting the login process at all.
I have restarted steam a dozen times.
Rebooted the computer twice.
Uninstalled and Reinstalled boundless.


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@Leahlemoncakes, @james

Would need to see a game log.

Seeing as you cannot get into the game to submit a game log, can you submit one via the following method?

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the response but I figured out what the issue was. It was in fact a steam issue, files were corrupted in steams core that was making it to where steam could not verify my ownership of the game and many of my other games. I had to uninstall all my steam games, reinstall steam and finally reinstall all my games.
Works now!



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