Q: How do I share a Boundless game log?

If you would like to report a problem when you are playing Boundless please include the following:

Finding the Boundless game log:

The game generates logs in following locations:

On Mac OS X:


On Windows:


On most versions of Windows %LOCALAPPDATA% is a hidden directory. To access the file you can type the path to the file directly into Windows Explorer.

Please Note - The most recent log will be log.txt, older logs will appear with a number at the end of the file.

How to share a game log:

Please create a Gist or Pastebin version of your game log and share a link when reporting issues.

Please report issues and bugs on the Boundless support forum, this way other users who are having the same issues will also be able to see the responses.

Uploading Boundless crash dumps:

If you encounter a crash when playing Boundless on Windows, the next time your run the game an option to “Submit the crash dumps” will appear on the screen. Please confirm this option to automatically upload your crash dumps for us to investigate.

Reporting Issues

If you would like to report more information about the crash please contact: boundless@turbulenz.com along with the following details:

  1. What: A description of what was happing when the game crashed.
  2. How: Details of how to reproduce the failure.
  3. Details: Of your hardware and operating system:
  • Operating system and exact version
  • CPU and RAM
  • Graphics card model name and video RAM
  • Graphics driver version
  • Your location
  • Details of your Internet connection
  • Screen shot from the game

You might consider building an auto-uploading app that prompts a player after the main game crashes. Click here to send the logs to the devs. With a fields asking for 1 and 2. dxdiag can get you most of 3. Just to save your self some time on the forums as hopefully the community scales.


The game has been crashing for me a lot in the past week and I have never seen the “submit crash dumps” appear on my screen when i restart the game :frowning:

The auto upload is only available on Windows. So I assume you’re playing on Mac OS X.

I am playing on Windows 7…does it upload in the background? I have never had the option of sending it

Maybe its the server connection? I am on US east and on solum…usually no issues at all but lately this…

and then it crashes the game.

And after the crash once you restart the game a dialogue doesn’t appear offering to upload it??

Same thing has been happening to me. Game fails to respon ends up crashing after some time. No dialogue on startup.

If its not showing the dialog box Windows may still write a dump file to C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Local\CrashDumps. If so email to boundless@turbulenz.com.

No, it only offered the option to me once and none of the other crashes
ok, i will email to u :slight_smile:

I looked in the folder you mentioned, I do not have a crashdumps folder

I am running thru Steam, would it be somewhere else?

This needs to be updated for the OS X version to save confusion…

The log.txt file can be found in: MacintoshHD/Users/(YourHomeFolder)/Library/Logs/Boundless/log.txt

If you don’t see the Library, not to worry, it’s hidden. Just follow these directions to view it:
Show User Library

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