Boundless Meteor League - Wednesdays at 7pm EST - 900 Oort Stone

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Hunting T3 Planets. No protection required, no Entry requirements, and still a chance to earn 900 oort for hunting one hour!


Meteor League Tonight @ 900pm EST

All Oort goes to the winner!


We will be there!


thats 2 hours from now!


20 minutes!!! any more teams to compete?


Sorry we missed out on this one! We’ve been working on some new things and everyone has gotten more responsibilities. Peppers is back though, so maybe we can con them into joining us! The Right Fist shall rise again!


I didn’t hear anything about this this week. Was there one?


no not this week. I had a RL late night meeting. Next week is on!


Sounds good!


canceling League for tonight. My wife and I just had a baby. gonna be preoccupied… Sorry for the inconvenience.




That’s awesome! Congratulations!


Congratulations on the little Mittin :smiley:




Everybody lets try this again!!!

Next Wednesday May 8th @ 7pm EST (try a little earlier to accommodate more of you)

Teams of 3
Tier 3 planets.
Register within the hour before, and full team present 10 minute before.

Looking to have at least 5 teams this round!! I know there are at least 4 teams who look forward to competition. Let’s see if we can get more!!


Who will take home the Oort prize this week?

Im thinking one of these weekends coming up of targeting T6 planets. Any takers?


Match tomorrow at 7pm EST!!

How good at hunting are you?


Hey there! Match still on for tonight?


yessir! just getting home from traffic and late meeting


Got ya! The portal was down and I went to check it out but it was closed.