Boundless Modding and HTTP API docs 📚

Boundless modding and HTTP API docs are published here:

The docs source is available here:


thank you :slight_smile:

This might not be specifically relevant to THIS thread… but I’m curious.

Can modding be done to add more GUI shortcuts? Like, let’s say I wanted someone to create a mod where, if you are holding a stack of items over an empty slot, you can right-click and it will drop a single item at a time. Is that possible? Or would that only be possible with a real update from the devs?

I’ve wanted a smoother GUI for so long, and I think there’s so much room for improvement. Specifically for inventory management. Minecraft (and by further extension, modded Minecraft) has some sweet keyboard shortcuts that incredibly improves inventory management. :heart:

Edit: I talk about some of them in this thread. If it’s possible to mod, would someone potentially do it?

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Sweet, now we just need public portals locations (Source/Destination )and then people can start making a navigation finder…

Mandatory: mouse given a cookie asking for glass of milk…


For the site, how are you constructing the polygon box that renders the “beacon boundaries”? Is there some type of algorithm that can easily create a polygon from a list of bounding boxes/vertices or something?

I have the individual plot rectangles being rendered, but that is horribly inefficient (and on this world lags the browser like crazy, I am getting like 2-3 FPS trying to scroll the map) and I need to combine all of the rectangles into a single polygon to render

Nothing smart.


I got something smarter working and seem pretty great so far.

Basically the Turf.js let you union together 2 or more polygons. So I am creating the squares polygons from the plot boundaries, merging them together and then rendering them as a single polygon. It is neat because if you zoom in, I can still dynamically hide/show the individual plot boundaries.


Now you’re just showing off… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: