Boundless News Speculation Thread

I have quite a few huge builds on my sovereign I’m totally fine if there was a wipe. It would suck, but a fresh start would be enjoyable. I could go claim plots in places where people have hogged up all the plots and all the ashed areas, dead shops, and empty plots and well it would just be nice to see a clean slate.

Would everyone agree it’s a good thing most likely not, but it would be fun to rebuild everything in my opinion.

I would say many People wouldnt quit even if theres a Wipe… I mean its Pretty obvious if you have played the game Till this day you are true fan.

And i mean ye you have stuff now but what the f you do with it if theres no People to spend it with.


Already there. And I bet there are others who reclaimed all their builds and started anew on a sovereign world.
So yeah, wouldn’t enjoy a fresh third start.

Anyways, this point is mute cause …


Always fascinated how this topic keeps coming back lol.


I’ve wiped 3 times so been there done that and will happily do it again.

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Hey. Someone else brought it up and I was just answering on the possibilities. :man_shrugging:

This is a light-hearted thread in reference to:

Let’s not devolve another thread into a chaotic fight about a wipe. OP didn’t even mention a wipe. There are a ton of other threads on that subject. It’s also a trigger word that gets tossed around from time to time, seemingly for entertainment value when people are bored.

James has locked threads on this subject and said " Boundless is a persistent universe."

Side note

There are definitely some here that could hold a civil discussion about the pros and cons of how a wipe might effect the game, overall (also knowing that a wipe was not part of the plan after launch). They would be able to refrain from personal attacks, leave their own biases at the door, and so on. Fully understanding that’s is just a deep dive into ideas & theoreticals. You’ll probably have to take it to PMs or discord though.


So what week are we going to get the news. @james can we get a countdown timer?

Agreed on all points. Personally, I’m on the fence. If a wipe happens, then I’m down and will take it as an exciting opportunity to start fresh. If it doesn’t happen, I’ll still play the game and will enjoy what the next content update(s) bring(s).


Hmm. Boredom.

Even though I never personally coined the term ‘wipe’ here, I suppose I could start using spoilers or hide details as a trigger warning for all my replies… though I’m quite certain that would only increase the sordid intake amount of “entertainment value” of said posts… :thinking:

Trigger Warning


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This is True but also why I bought years of gleamclub is to save my build it would be a slap in the face if all of sudden my builds dissapeared would lead me to want to move on to something else


Here’s my speculation. The update will come out. And James will gift me oortian status for being such a light in the community through out all the dark times. :eyes::rofl::v::beers::crossed_fingers:


You’re spot on with the warnings about the trigger topic. I do wish for the seasonal system discussed a few years ago as a solution for players like myself looking for a fresh experience to be considered some day.


I heard you and I will be given a unbreakable Oort hammer that turns everything to Oort blocks


Uummmm I’ll take one of those too. :eyes:


I trade one of those for Oortian Status lol


I think the wipe term is thrown around by most just because while out of the realm of possibility anything is possible at this point.

The game could be sold to a new developer or any one of a million other possibilities. Why? No one tells us anything and then it’s all speculation.

It’s typical for development never say a date say something like “coming weeks”. That way you don’t upset people as coming weeks could be 2 weeks or 500 weeks.

Anyways, I am hopeful that something is said by the end of July, I hope it’s said there is no wipe and they state that development will restart.

I hope the New Player Experience gets fixed, I hope 249.comes.out and a major part of me hopes they just make it free to play.


I do like your seasonal planets idea. It would be nice, additional on-going revenue stream. I wonder if there would be enough interest & profit to cover the cost of development/servers? I’d def buy a season pass. They’d have to come up with new rewards & incentives a little more often though.
This kind of reminds me of the seasonal tournaments OSRS would host on special servers.


I’m speculating that the news will be that the sword and shield update is coming soon and to celebrate this news we will be treated to a gleambow event.

The unspoken news will be that the game can now generate enough income from sales, gleam club and sovereign rentals to have a part-time developer slowly trickle out new content.


I also heard that you can now make meteor AUGs from the heart of a dying start

Overall i think everyone expected this…
It was just matter of time.

Personally it baffles me even To think how long before this update we had something actually worth mentioning about the game.

Communication has been close To 0 and i imagine theres a reason, but the fact that devs just left People hanging with “we will see what future holds For us” is Pretty fckd up.

Sure i know they dont have to tell but i mean
SOON :tm: ?