Boundless on Nintendo Switch?


where is your new topic? i have been away guys, sorry for not discussing this with you entirely from the beggning


Hello from the future!

Launch has happened, Nintendo online services are launching soon, the time seems right to start making plans.Just want to bump this suggestion, though I bet ya’ll know this game would do well on the switch.


I would love to see Boundless on Switch also!



one day…


This was something I was thinking of the other day.

The Nintendo crowd seems like the kind of target players that would really excel in boundless. Nintendo likes family friendly games.
Not to mention switch users have been begging for more titles, which the switch is a bit lacking on.

HOWEVER I would highly suggest waiting to get all the bugs and balance figured out first and give it a slight polish, then as a RELAUNCH add it to switch (if that’s not already in the plans).

Actually, as an afterthought, make sure farming is introduced before then too. Hook all those Harvest Moon players. :grin:


source on nintendo players coming?


My bad, misread it.


The reply from James was

So yes at launch it is still ps4, not sure what the fine print of “at launch exclusive” is but I’m guessing a year or two. So while it’s unlikely to come to switch soon, it could still go to that console.


Exactly. Supposed exclusives have changed in the past (due to time mostly I’m sure) and I’m pretty sure no one outside of WS and Sony have read the contract they wrote up.
We’re all just spectators here who love to give our opinions. :grinning:


Would be cool if it ever was on a portable device like the switch


Oh geeze I actually forgot you could take the switch with you.

You never need to stop playing.



im pretty sure a switch could not handle this game hardware wise…


Yeah, that I don’t know about, but I’ll let the ppl with degrees in that field worry over those details. =)


It could handle the game. The optimization they have been doing (and I am sure they will continue to do) have reduced the requirement out of my gaming laptop. And I’m pretty sure the switch hardware is about par with said laptop, biggest difference is the system architecture (but they already deal with that on PS4 so I’m confident they can over come that as well)


They even have a controller that can be used instead of the joycons if one prefers that. Personally I only use the joycons if the controller is not available. (Hand cramps!!)
They don’t have to implement any of the motion features either. That would probably be hard to put in anyway, and unnecessary.

laughs Imagine, 3 years down the line, the next super Mario smash bros has an oortian as a playable character! Or summon a mob to pop in and shoot a few attacks before running off. XD


PS4 Pro already has issues to run it well, the Switch won’t be running this…

Besides, it is a console exclusive…


Switch is really lacking in the performance department, I love the thing but if a PS4 is struggling at times the Switch will do so even more.

Why do you think it is capable of running it?


Because the switch (hardware wise) has more graphics profomance than my laptop I run the game with. The biggest bottleneck I experience is internet since I live in an area with poor internet options


Also, skyrim is on the switch and that game (no mods) has never ran well on my laptop


boundless is generally more limited by cpu and ram/vram than it is by gpu.