Boundless on Nintendo Switch?


Translation, for those who don’t know, the Switch has garbage tier CPU levels. There’s a reason it’s only getting ports of old games. As much as I like Nintendo games, they won’t be getting next-gen games. The game drought is going to massive.

PS5 is 2020, and by then, Switch would be 3 years old, they said they wanted a 7+ life cycle, so expect 4 years of nothing but Nintendo exclusives and indie games on that system.

There’s probably zero chance they could get Boundless to run on Switch without a massive investment and significant cutbacks on gameplay quality.


I would also suggest waiting intill all the core functions of the game are out (everything that was supposedly promised somewhere) and making sure there is a end game and some kind of actual PvE content that is not farming meteors all day long so it is less likely to flop with that player base

However. while I am looking at this topic… I am concerned about this game being put on to, too many platforms, Mainly for the reason that it may make updating the game harder. I feel it is most likely bad enough with just the PS4

From my understanding, which isn’t a whole lot, I am told it is quite hard to reason with sony and/or they expect very specific things and/or results. What happens if sony doesn’t approve it or suddenly becomes bat ████ crazy and becomes unreasonable? I don’t know how hard it is to do dealings with nintendo, I assume it most likely is not as bad as having to deal with sony, but nevertheless that is yet another approval process that needs to take place and therefore the chance of rejection is now double then it was before.

Because this game is doing cross platform play, that means, if i understand this correctly, if sony rejects something and becomes bat ████ crazy unreasonable. then the PC players will also suffer from this as well, let us supose 3 years later we also have it on a nintendo system, if for some reason they reject something and become bat ████ crazy unreasonable then the PS4 and the PC players will suffer as well. yes?

While I am all for anything that will help the playerbase. I am slightly concerned about how much control this gives sony, and nintendo if it ever gets to that point, over the devs. can sony force the devs to do something? and if they don’t want to then they risk having their game ruined, not just for PS4 but for the PC players aswell?


Yep. They probably have a parity clause. Any update to PC must be done to PS4. That’s how it works for other PS4/PC devs. If the developers ever want to add something unique to PC that won’t work on PS4, they probably won’t be allowed to add it.

But also, I wouldn’t worry about the Switch, as I explained above, it’s CPU cannot possibly handle this game. There won’t be a Switch port most likely.


Then you have a potato laptop? I doubt that actually…

Besides, it’s more than graphics too, especially the network connections are being handled by the CPU and the CPU really isn’t all that great in the Switch. It can’t even do voice chat next to running games, and no, that’s not an OS issue since it could be patchedin and am sure they would have if it could run it reliably.

Which is a single player game and 10 years old, yeah…

Let’s face it, several games that are on both PS4 and Switch have the graphics downgraded on the Switch and the CPU in the Switch is also not all that great and to handle all the network connections and physics calculations it would need to be much better than we currently have.

Perhaps in the rumoured newer and bigger Switch that’s supposed to come next year?


That clause is non-existant for a game like Boundless (if they already exist in the first place). A game like this can’t have 2 groups of people playing on the same servers in the same shared univers but on different versions, that will be a dev nightmare.

Only downside to the Sony thing is that they need to approve patches so instead of pushing it out straight away once it’s done you have to wait 24 hours (longer if the weekend is in between). Nintendo and MS have the same processes, no idea how fast Nintendo can do them but doubt that will be faster than 24 hours. I do know, however, that with NMS, patches released way, way quicker on PS4 most of the time than on Xbox, the rest of the time they were releaed at the same moment…


Doubt my laptop’s proformance all you want. All I am trying to compair here is games that already exist that run at no higher than 20fps on my pc run at 30fps or better on the switch. And I already have my graphics set to low to get those profomance numbers (i have to on boundless as well). So i actually don’t see a graphics diffrence on such games since I am at or below the settings on the switch (which gets better fps and doesn’t overheat as bad).


Well I doubt your laptops performance because it’s a laptop. I wish they would ditch console support and go full P.C and enable 10x the render distance/graphics. I am on Epic everything, and it is still not good enough. (I don’t like the drop in detail, as you look far away)


Yeah and I wish they dropped PC support and just focus on PS4, get more help from Sony and pull out all the tricks the Sony devs have, to make it much better than it is now! (just look at some of the PS4 exclusives, they look fantastic!)

That’s another silly statement I just made! You do realise that half (or more) of the current players are on PS4 tho right?

You also realise that plenty of heavier games, graphic wise, perform rather well on PS4? The problem with this game tho is that even tho it looks kinda simplistic (tho beautiful) that behind the scenes with the size of the planets and that everything can be changed by the players is probably putting a damper on better draw distances even on PC.

Fair enough. But that doesn’t change the fact that all I wanted to get across is that Switch ports always perform worse and look less detailed on the Switch than on a PS4. So if the PS4 is having issues keeping up with certain things with this game then the Switch will even more so…


this is wrong, the render distance is not a limmitation only by the graphics

its more a limitation for the server load. when you can see up to bagdad, then all the chunks from you to bagdad needs to be transfered and be kept up to date on your client.

10x render distance would be something like 4/3π * 10 ^ 3 more chunks to load/update, nope. nothing to do with ps4 stuff.

also i dont think the chunkmesh is being build in a shader, so the cpu needs to build & rebuild all those chunks.


That’s if you load every chunk in the area, you can load just visible blocks at a long distance while still loading all chunks (blocks hidden under other blocks) at shorter distance. This allows you to still see everything clearly, while not putting that much strain on the CPU.

@AeneaGames if they did just PS4 support, the game would die in a year when PS5 comes out. Also the percentage of PC players is leagues beyond what the PS4 can pull.


if you provide the algorythm to figure out wich blocks are visible so that the server can decide wich blocks to send to the client, without affecting the cpu load on server even more than just sending everything…
and an efficient datastructure to then pack only those selected blocks…
abd ignoring the fact that the meshes still needs rebuilding


This exactly. The PS4 has always been holding back PC game performances, but there is a reason for that. Generally PS has more serious or active “gamers”. If it were up to me, i would commit console genocide and exterminate all console on the face of the Earth, because let’s be honest consoles are holding back game development and innovation back by alot. I would hate to not have features on PC because Sony’s dumb ass says no.


actually its the other way around!

the boundaries of consoles and the limitation hardware wise needs the developers to optimize theyr code and engines.

a red dead redemption 2 is a good sample.
it still looks good, would look beter on pc i think (well on high end pc ofc) but since the consoles are limited in theyr power, rockstar needed to polish the ■■■■ out of theyr engine performance wise to make it possible.
if there will ever be a RDR2 on pc, it will stil benefit from this polishing.

oh its an AAAA and you think and did not apply to a game like boundless?
well we actually have a more performant engine because the game is developed for both systems.
if they make a more efficient chunk builder or a better memory managment because they need to thats nice, because believe it or not, my old laptop could not run the game in EA with more than 5fps even with all settings down, now it can run it very smooth with medium stuff.
and this is not because they in generall specced all down, they optimized theyr engine in general as you can see in all the last patch nodes.

also: if all the ps4 players that i love and know would not be in the game, the game would be dead empty.
im as a PC player are happy that the PS4 ppl can also join the game.


Or, you know they could spend ALL of their time on PC and do the same things and more.


they could do it, and then they have an empty game and lose a big part of theyr playerbase.
lucky its not you to decide :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you, @PiratenBraut it means a lot when one side speaks up for the other.

I wish others would think like this too, with open minds.
So many seem to assume one has not been on the other side.
I have a beast of a gaming laptop (as beastly as laptops can get). I played 90% of the time strictly pc for over 15 years. It’s only about 2 years ago I just got… bored of pc.
So much maintenance, so often ripping out outdated parts and replacing them, bc pc requirements change quicker than a divas wardrobe.
I have FUN on my ps4. Oh, and get this… if you have any tech knowledge you can change out your ps4 parts. We upgraded to a terabyte hard drive. (This does void your warranty so caution is advised)

And cross platform has nothing to do with limitations.
Ever played Final Fantasy XIV? That game is cross platform for PC, PS4, and Xbox (forgot which version here).
And some of the most beautiful graphics I’ve seen. I played on my laptop while my husband played on PS4. We BOTH had max settings no problem. And if you’ve ever been in an 8- or even 16-man raide with an party where all your dps is blackmages spamming fireball… well, getting no lag on that with max settings says a lot.

So what I’m getting at, basically, is it doesn’t matter what system you play on. I still like PC players even with the superiority complex I see often. Can we just agree to play and enjoy the game?


If there were only PC’s and consoles were eliminated, everyone would be here so no players would be lost.


Who knows, Sony might now add backward compatibility again like they always used to do…

And the number of possible PC players out there is irrelevant if only a few 100 are playing Boundless. It looks to be about half is PS4 tho, not sure if this is true, but I come across many PS4 players (you can tell since they have extra info underneath their name if you’re on PS4 yourself)…

So no, going PC only will also be a bad idea since it would halve the current userbase…


I would hate to not have a console to game on anymore since it would mean I would stop gaming, which in turn means less sales, so bad idea!

It does not void your warranty BTW!
They made it in such a way that you do not need to remove any special screws or ones where’s a sticker on top. They even have a support page on their own website telling you how to replace your harddisk!

Nope. I would not be here playing Boundless. I don’t have a PC capable of running any game at the moment and don’t want that either. I have a severe dislike for Windows and not all games run on MacOS or Linux and dual booting for games is not something I like. I’m now typing this on my desktop computer while my PS4 is still on, dual boot won’t work then unless I use Windows for more than gaming and I don’t want to.

So no, not everyone would be here!

Would you be here if PC gaming was eliminated by MS and the only way to game was on a console? I doubt it…

And for the love of all Oortians can we please stop this PC vs. console nonsense?


Agreed, honestly I wanted the game on switch for the added portability, and because I don’t own nor plan to own other console platforms