Boundless on Nintendo Switch?



The Switch runs Minecraft…


Minecraft is way less resource intensive than Boundless. It also can’t do anything close to what a PC version of Minecraft can do.


Ooo, I didn’t realize they changed the voided warranty thing. It’s been years since we started doing that, or the techno-babble being explained to me went right over my head as I (im)patiently waited for my new ps4. (Probably that last one)

Amen, sistah! air five

I think my end remark will be I still think the Nintendo crowd would be the right fit for this game, even if it’s a next gen console. Contracts can take a few years to hash out so who knows.

tips hat, leaves thread


LOL, yeah that website is totally not biased at all!

I have for many years gamed on PC, I too got sick and tired of all the ■■■■ surrounding it, I prefer console gaming now. Deal with it…


Boundless does have a very Nintendo feel to it, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. It’d be a perfect fit to expand if Sony doesn’t have exclusive rights forever. Glad it’s a PS4 game though because I don’t really game on other consoles.


Switch version would be good but first before that i want the “since Alpha” (where it was Oort Online) promised Linux Client


the question is, is it worth to invest 200hours worktime of a programmer for the 3 linux guys that are interested in the game :>


There are more than just 3 Linux users. And the trend is that more and more Users use Linux


Just let the Linux guys code it for Linux themselves. They get a kick out of that sort of thing. Win-win.


the Devs are already working with an linux client but there are some things missing as the login system and some other things


Okay, then we have to be fair and let the Switch fans code their own port too! :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol jk, but if it’d get the game on Linux faster there may be people out there who do this for fun.


the easiest way for the devs would be to ask Aspyr or Feral Interactive they would port the game to port with vulkan support xD. A Game where the Linux version is much faster than the Windows Version xD


Yup was wondering if options like these are more cost and resource effective. I don’t use Linux much but would welcome the increased playerbase.


i use Linux myself, and ye in the last 10 years the market share of linux went from,
1% to 1,5%, ye i see that trend…
and most of it is because of the OLPC Initiative.

i dont want to stress this out to much but if you show a game to a typical linux enthusiast then the first question is not “how much cost it?” they wonder if its open source. and then if you tell them no its not, you can clearly see how theyr interest in the game is going down. #NotAll

i saw this on a linux con, where we showed of kerbal space programm, ppl was hyped and then they found out its not open source, they was like. “ah ok, but why commercial?”

well there is steam on linux and i think they could do it, but would for like 10 more players? its a tactical decision. time/effort vs benefit.

but if they do it: nice, if not: will not really impact Playerbase. (i quess).

vulcan? lol rewrite the whole engine for 5fps?neat!


loool Vulkan is thousand times faster than Open GL and btw what else are Aspyr and Feral Interactive doing?
Porting the game to Linux. Alone when you port a game you have to rewrite the rendering engine so why not directly add the Vulkan api when you are already rewrite the renderer??


It doesn’t matter if it’s biased. I was just too lazy to prove you wrong so i posted a website that had all the answers. Most PC players come from console, and we get that you think this is a debate as to whether console or PC is better, but there isn’t. Without the console market, the gaming industry would flourish, and that’s a fact.


yeah I can agree all these bad ported PC games. But the many young people don’t have any interest in Pc or so, so the become dumb buy a console which is totally overpriced and don’t have many exclusive games (excluding Nintendo). But I stop hare before this topic will be political (shitty outdated german school system).


Nope, that’s an idea you and some others have, it’s not a fact since there is no evidence to back it up, so it is a believe.

And indeed none is better than the other so no debate necessary, they both have their pros and cons but that is hard for some to see, some prefer one over the other.

But enough of this nonsense!