Boundless on Steam - Free Weekend starts now!


Hey everyone,

We’ve got some exciting news - Boundless is currently FREE on Steam for the entire weekend. The event will last until 8pm GMT Sunday, and is going to see a lot of promotion. If you’ve been waiting to join the game, or have friends who you’d love to convince to give it a try, then now is the time!

The game will be on sale with a 30% discount during this time too, which will run until March 4th. So players who really enjoy their time in the free weekend can join in permanently at a discount.


We’re expecting a large amount of new players to give the game a try, so let’s make sure to really welcome them and show off just how awesome and supportive a community of players we have. This is our chance to show off just what a brilliant world we’ve all been building together, so don’t be shy! This is a really exciting weekend for all of us.

I’d love to see all your screenshots of big groups of players - hunts, cities, gatherings… if you all get together, send us your shots!


Great news!!!


A very positive step forward…looking forward to seeing new faces :slight_smile:


Awesome!! This is great. =)


This is so awsome!


very nice newz just could tell me sooner
i get stuff ready :wink:


oh boy! I’m expecting to see at least 8 people on Seginiaki tonight!


Lol :joy: stahp


I hope the servers can handle it.


I expect we will see new worlds roll out as a result


I hope it’s t7 worlds, and not 20 more t1-3s that will stick around after the free weekend ends.

Any ideas as to that?


For non-paying players who may not stay? I think they would wait to see if they retain players… We already have enough planets to support more population then we have currently.


remember if we say get in a huge wave of people and it trips the system then it will automatically add worlds system des not see if they are paying or not just that the conditions have been met.


Havok, I don’t know about that.

A weekend event to promote the game might not merit new worlds. We don’t need, right now anyways, lower tier worlds. We need more in the middle tier levels on up. On top of that, how far do you expect the average new person to progress up into the game within 2, maybe 3 days? Even a week lets say. Probably not that far without a veteran player holding their hand and showing them everything in the game; which shouldn’t be expected to happen for not even half of those players. I see no reason from a business perceptive to place the company and game in further financial risk over some non paying customers.

There’s already cost involved in making it a free play weekend. I still think this game should have its price tag cut in half for its MSRP.


Great step devs!


The game does have a 30% discount during this event :+1:


That’s not what I was referencing to. I was speaking in terms of cost for new worlds (servers) that get created because of this event. In addition to that, if there’s connectivity issues for those non paying customers then it will tarnish the gaming experience for them; which could result in a loss of recognized sales for the game. Regardless of 30% off or not, it might not even make a difference. This is also just me trying to bring the potential financial risk into the light in case it was overlooked.

I still think $27.99 USD is too high for this game. I think if the original price was $20 USD and they did the 30% off to make it $14 USD, they’d get a lot more sales coming in with new players. Then I think it’s hustle time for the devs to push out some content to the players and give us something all to gnaw on while we get that next piece of content.

Basically that’s kind of what I was thinking when I saw this announcement. It’s good for the game but there could be some actual real risks involved.

I really hope I am 100% wrong on this.


Awesome, glad I started to make my settlement a tutorial village, maybe I’ll get some settlers! :slight_smile:

This would make a really good game for one of the monthly free games with PS Plus, too, or a Plus discount - I’ve been plugging it to other players, but still seems like there aren’t a huge number of us on PS4, but something like that would surely change it.


You are correct, they do have it set up to generate new worlds so it happens even when they are not around. I would expect they can turn this off or on. We know they have pushed out new planets when they wanted and not specifically due to an increase in players or lack of space on planets (like when they added planets to AUS so they could have better access, and when they reduced the max player count due to the issues we were having with servers). I would expect they might turn it off for the weekend and make manual decisions on new planets based on other metrics that just players playing. I do wonder if we really expect the steam players to increase by 600 to reach the levels we had at launch?

EDIT: It might at least give them feedback from players on what new players do and do not like.


Maybe should have waited for the farming update first, dunno.