Boundless on Steam - Free Weekend starts now!


What I think is good news. . they have 343 players on steam right now. It looks to me that is first time they have had over 250 steam players since mid-January so at least people are trying the game.

Edit: first time over 300 players since November on Steam. Lets hope the like the game or at least provide good feedback.


It would have helped if Square Enix hadn’t put the Boundless advertisement at the bottom of the Steam Sale on the Front page in a tiny box…

So much for advertisement…


And 450~ overall players so it would seem of the 450~, 115~ are PS4 players.

It would definitely be a good thing if they were able to pick up 200 or so more players… given steam I don’t think that’s unlikely at all, and this is just the start of the event. Once the day goes on and word of mouth kicks in, the game could look at maybe 1k+ players which would get it close to the sept/oct levels of 850s…

If anything, this weekend will juice the footfall income for a bit.

Edit: if steams cut is still 1/3 of a product they sale 200 copies that would bring in about $4k usd. Then I guess the hope is they buy cubits and juice that a bit more?


I just said that in the guild discord. . lol

lets hope these players have a good experience


Hey great minds and all that :+1:t2: :joy:


30% is good. But is it enough?
The price is still after that… well pricy


To add to this.

I haven’t seen it that high in a very long time.


Feel like that needs to always be included so those that don’t how or that they can track the population can in fact do so.


Good news! I’ve told some people, cheers. Nearly 500 logged on. Out tonight but will be around to be helpful & welcoming over the weekend. :slight_smile:


Nice piece in Kotaku

Very well written and should help attract some new folks


Awesome, I hope game gets attention and more active builders still after weekend! :slight_smile:
@Simoyd I hope you are still tracking planet users and sharing pic of it after this free weekend :slight_smile:


I don’t agree with this. I think it would be a bad move. I don’t think they would get enough money in return. Free weekend play on ps4 i would agree with. It’s been done plenty of times on other games before. So I don’t see why it wouldnt be possible for this game


Yeah, that might be better in the long-term, if just for volume purposes, as the free Plus games might just be too much. But yep, a free trial weekend like ESO does could work well, does pretty well on the PS4.


I actually just disabled it :frowning: too much data


Love all the design and process being put in! A new tutorial for players, free weekend, events, new content coming! Dev’s are rolling it out :slight_smile:


So awesome!!! Will be telling all my friends


559 people on.

Lets just hope a decent % find it worth buying. Ill be watching those Monday numbers.


Could have picked a better weekend than the full Anthem drop, but this is good news


593 currently on both platforms! Nice!

Even managed to get my best friend to give it a try!


546 on Steam now :wink: