Boundless on Steam - Free Weekend starts now!


Time to break out the free iron tools! So far i have seen and helped 9 new players with grabbing them rocks, timber etc. Even managed to donate a home that used to belong to another playee


Now that’s what I call a good citizen! Thanks for helping out the new arrivals :smiley:


If anyone asks, I’ll be in my bunk preparing to be invaded.


I’m so nervous about what could be happening around my settlement, lol.

Stupid work.


“Plot what you need and/or expect to use”



I did. :slight_smile:
I just want to give…erm…direction. :wink:


well that explains why i’ve seen a sudden burst of new players on Refgar after months of little activity.


What I’m waiting for is the post free weekend and the unfolding stories I’m sure we’re going to see/hear about the plotmares (plotting nightmares, get it? :rofl::rofl:)that people are encountering from these folks who just started, plotted a lot and then disappear after buying a 6 month GC package since it is so cheap. On the plus side hopefully Wonderstruck will get a decent infusion from this.


the farmers came first :smile:
also curious if they then use a 3day fuel beacon?


And one of those is my best friend, she wouldn’t like it she said, she wanted to stop, showed her New Leyden and some portals, she went portal hopping then surprised me she wanted to go back where she started and is now building, haha!


Just loading up my inventory with forged and unforged goodies to give away. S’nice. Feel like Father Christmas. :smiley:


Give a citizen a hammer, and he’ll mine for 20 minutes.

Teach a citizen to make a hammer…and he’ll mine for 20 minutes 12 minutes from now.

Wait…I think I did something wrong there…


This is my No.1 Concern…

While this is an awesome move to help get new players on board, I’m concerned about those who try the game just because it’s a free weekend and then run back to GTA or COD when it’s over. We’ll be left with all their plots blocking progress of others for however long they fueled their beacons for.

Has anything been put in place by the devs to deal with such situations? As in, a way to monitor who came to play for free, and therefore know which plots they can freely deal with when it’s all over and the players don’t return?

^^ This would have been an excellent move on the devs part. Limit those who try for free to a 3 day fuel. It would prevent such plotmares. Hopefully this was put in place or something similar.

On a positive note. I’m really glad that Wonderstuck/Enix have finally started the promotional band wagon moving. While I and others have concerns relating to the plots, this is a good and positive move forward and I really hope we get a lot of new players as a result! :smiley:


I’m glad you liked my use and/or creation of the word plotmare! :joy::rofl:


Kotaku called you guys Wanderstruck!


Hope it goes free and/or cheaper on PS4 some time soon!


Beacons…beacons everywhere…

And, yep, I have new neighbors. I hooked them up with some iron tools and machines.


Maybe if you are playing for free you cannot buy plots or gleamclub. . that would prevent abuse. If they like it they can always buy the game during the weekend.


How would you make a starter base without the ability to purchase plots. It’s even on the tutorial to buy plots


I’m pretty sure he meant buy cubits, not plots. Basically prevent any real money transactions unless you have actually purchased the game.