Boundless on Steam - Free Weekend starts now!


Sorry I did mean cubits everyone needs plots. . I will drink some caffene before making any more comments.


That makes sense. Still waking up so my thought process isn’t fully there yet


Is it possible to test Boundless for free now and then decide whether to buy it or not? - Or is it a sales trap and you have to buy it if it has been tested for 2 days for free?


It’s free on steam for the weekend so yes you can test the game for free and not buy it currently.

If you want to continue playing after the free period ends you will have to purchase a license from steam.


what @Vetteq sayed after the free weekend is over it would simply just tell you to buy the game to keep playing like a lot of games do when they have free to play weekends the only thing is i think if you where then to buy the game you would be unable to auto refund it has the free to play time counts for your refund window


Right, you’d not be able to refund it as you have already played the 2 hours that they give you to check to see if the game is indeed something you thought it was. Given they have granted a full weekend, that’s far more time to get an idea than steams 2 hour policy.


There are 933 people currently in game. That’s higher than I saw it at peak time during the PS4 launch!

This could go very well if people hang around! Though it might shine a light on to some glaring issues a lot of us have long complained about. Regardless here is hoping a significant number of people decide to pick up the game and give the team a little bit of juice.

Edit: looking at the populations it looks like mostly EU servers that are well packed. Makes sense I guess given it’s a Friday and the younger crowd is still in school in the states.


At this point, it is hopefully data on what new players like and do not like at a minimum and maybe (if we are lucky) a doubling of the player base.


a common theme im seeing in alot of the legit negative steam reviews is the crafting times are turning people off to the game


And they have not even seen forging or the new luxury blocks. What would their reaction be to those?


Also it’s school holidays in UK for a lot of places - so they started ramping up early in the day


Biggest reason my kids didn’t want to play any more. The game is fun but there is a lot of unneeded grind added in.


A lot of potential players in North America are at work right now. It’s only 140 in New York. Even worse, it’s only 1030 here in Seattle.


Which unneeded grind do you think should be removed or altered?


I think in this case, they’re referring to the crafting times in the early game.


Crafting times in general are pretty long across the whole game.

On top of that, unless you’re using some halfway decently forged AOE hammer or other tool, you aren’t going to gather materials up fast enough to be able to work on more than one thing at a time.

The grind comes directly from the acquisition of materials to craft and build with. At least that’s where it is IMO.


Or could be something along the lines of you work hard to make nice gear and oops it broke then you have to grind all over again. For a solo casual player that’s a turn off some way to repair gear would alleviate that burden.


This is possible. . someone specifically made that point in their review. But in general the tone seems to be it takes to long to gather and make things. Maybe because they feel pressure as they only have a few days to play for free? But is that any different from a casual player that cannot invest 20 hours a week in a game and wants to feel like they are accomplishing something when they log in for an hour?


If it took less time to craft and gather up stuff to make the things you want to make and build in the game, then that would be an attractive prospect for the game. Anything people have been building in the game generally has taken a lot of effort. Shortening the time it took to make those things would be nice.

Just saying… it would be.


I think a number of existing players will probably respond that then there is no sense of accomplishment. I would disagree. Instead of building a bunch of square block buildings maybe we see more variations in the builds and larger builds because players can get more materials. If players have more materials maybe they buy cubits to exchange for plots so they can build even more. Maybe that makes more and varied planets come into the universe. Maybe the demand for materials rises and that increases demand for crafted items from stores.

I know it is a lot of assumptions and maybes, but I can see where the game might benefit from this.