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The gear doesn’t “oops” break - it’s not based on chance - but rather it is consumed by usage and expires.

How would you change this? Would you increase the durability? If so, how much? Or simply fully remove wear all together? Which would mean once a tool is crafted you’d never need to replace it.

How would you change this? Would you decrease them? If so, how much? Or should simply be fully removed? Then items would craft instantly.

How would you change this? Increase the tool action speed? Or drop more resources per impact?

If the time was shortened what do you think would be the net result? Players would keep playing and simply build more - as described by @Kal-El. If resource gathering was faster, and crafting was faster - what effect do you think it would have on your playtime? What would you spend your time doing?


no most definitely wouldn’t remove wear it is indeed a needed mechanic for this game However a way to repair your tools that isn’t so resource demanding would be a much appreciated change and in my opinion “improvement”


Diablo 1 has a skill where you can repair you gear but it also reduces the max durability permanently.
This way you can extend the lifetime of your favorite stuff a couple of times but not indefinitely.
Maybe that’s the kind of repair that fits boundless design?


As long as there’s some kind of diminishing returns. Whether its lowering max Durability, or ever increasing cost.


I agree It would need some sort of trial run to get right not something u can throw in the game over night but I strongly feel it belongs in this game.


Maybe a refined gem to repair the same type of gem tool/weapon by 10%, a couple/five or ten titanium alloy to repair 10% of a titanium tool/weapon, gold/silver alloy to repair a gold or silver tool/weapon… Double it for forged tools/weapons or more depending on rank?

Creates more market for refined gems and alloys and probably increases the cost of the tools/weapons to begin with substantially…


I would first start by cutting every crafting time in half. Iron hammers taking 12 minutes is, sorry for being blunt here, idiotic. It’s one of the basic tools you start crafting. The sooner someone is done crafting something the better so they can go out and gather more stuff or build more things, such as their base or home. Less perceived down time is a huge plus. Ideally, I don’t think there should be any crafting time at all.

I don’t think increasing action speed is the solution. I think making the resources spawn more commonly. Think of it like this. If you reward someone a Rough Diamond about every 10-ish minutes with at least 1 Rough Diamond seam, you’re going to see people want to gather more. Naturally this is a balancing problem because you and the team decided to make even a halfway decent 3 shot T6 hammer gather up an incredible amount of resources.

So yeah, I’d just increase the number of resource seams across all resources. The more common it is the more you’re suppose to run into it. Just cause it’s considered “rare” doesn’t mean it needs to be a single seam every 30 minutes to 1 hour. They should be common enough for someone who’s trying to break into Centraforge and Power Coils. But gems are just one of the issues with the progression curve.

Increasing action speed only does one thing: burn through tools faster. That’s all it does.

The net result I think would be people playing longer sessions and more often. I know I would probably play more but the reason I don’t play much at all is because of the lack of content; which is an entirely different issue and topic to discuss.

If I knew if I went mining for diamonds with a 3 shot T6 hammer and yielded the diamonds I need for what I want to use them for, then I’d play more. The bottom line is, someone who doesn’t have the coin to buy forged tools on a regular basis aren’t going to buy them and if they can’t craft them quickly enough they won’t make them. So the game feels grindy and time consuming because of how long it takes to get stuff to craft and build stuff.

Please don’t take this feedback personal.


First, I want to acknowledge you (Wonderstruck) have a real task trying to balance a game for those that have thousands of hours in a year and those that will never have that kind of time to put into a game. How do you keep both types of players engaged is a daunting task.

I think gear has to wear out if you want any sort of regular interaction among players. As mush as I personally do not like to have a tool I worked so hard for wear out, I do acknowledge the necessity. If the tools were created faster maybe this would not be an issue.

I would bring back the 3x1 gem tool AOE from EA and let the forge add durability and 3x3 AOE and maybe some other buffs. I acknowledge the need for some high end crafting to keep players interested. But the difference between the 3x3 used and the iron tools so many lower level players use is far to wide a gap in my opinion. I think with the right skills action speed is addressed. On the drops maybe skip the luck skill and make the drops act the same for all players?

I would spend a lot more time playing the game. I could build more often and that would fit my play style. I would probably also go on more hunts and once the spleef arena is built, engage with other players there. Right now so much of my game time is invested in mining and crafting which are not group activities that the only reason it seems like an MMO is discord.


exactly lets take a look at different methods of doing this u can either create certain machines or u can do it in hand or on an anvil or doesn’t really matter bottom line is… a cost to repair has to be present BUT has to be better then the cost u would pay to just remake the tool.


Not saying I think any of the times need to be shortened, but perhaps to keep both sides happy maybe shorten single/bulk craft times but keep mass craft times where they are.


umm its takes like 3 hours to bulk craft shop stands sorry that’s just a bit much


Is this single craft? Or bulk? Mass?


To fix the crafting time problem I think you should be able to insta craft single items but still have to wait for bulk and mass craft for most low to mid teir items


I don’t know, I’d have to load the game up and check. Still takes too long even for something like an Iron Hammer.


I think mass craft taking significant amounts of time makes perfect sense. You’re not only crafting MORE of said item, but for LESS. If you want faster, do singles or bulks.


I would have to agree but disagree
all mass crafts should only take an hour
all bulk crafts 30 min
all single crafts instant


No accounting for what the item is, or what it costs to make? Or Power?


Once I got a good amount of materials the times stopped bugging me. I just set up a bunch of mass crafts before bed. By the time I get home from work they are done. I try to craft enough to never ‘need’ something right away.

But reduced time for early items to help out starting players would be a great move I think.


As others have said, it’s strictly crafting times. They’re kids. They don’t have unlimited time to play. I limit them pretty strongly probably. So if there is a video game they want to play, they’re going to play something where they feel that they can get some satisfaction from. I know this comparison is the worst but Minecraft is always what they compare it to.

They absolutely love the blocks and lights in Boundless and the awesome graphics and colors but they always complain that it’s just Minecraft with wait timers like the games on their phones. They opt to play Minecraft and spend money on the realms and worldpacks instead. Which sucks for me as a parent because I’d love for them to play Boundless with me but I’m not going to force them to of course.


if u have to throw those values into the game then you just make it to complicated.