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I can see this helping as it is now, if I am crafting I setup everything and log off for the day. If it was not going to take many hours maybe I would stay in game and do something else and then have the materials or whatever I was crafting to use in the same game session.


A valid point, but if you have already complicated the recipe with the need for all these items so it requires more time gathering and maybe crafting the precurser items, then have we not already put in enough time?


I would say being able to use a crafted tool for at least an hour would be good. I’d prefer it last for one mining session (a few hours, usually).


If they are playing with you why not craft things they will want ahead of time. Then they can get straight to the mining, building, and hunting. Unless of course it is the crafting they enjoy.

I give my nieces and nephew tools and stuff if they need them. They are learning to make their own stuff though.


I would spend less time on logistics and the journey and more time on the destination (the build). As it is I have two half-finished builds and a solid plan, none of which I can face because after this many hours in the game I fully understand the length of the journey ahead to do what I’d like. I think an increase of materials rewarded by some % would allow more players to dream bigger. Like Kal-El said it’s a lot of maybes but it’s certainly true for me.

In fact the opposite is true for me now where a combination of several updates I’m uninterested in plus an understanding of resource gathering rate has stopped me playing. It’s not just “Oh I need those ____ blocks” btw. It’s:

“I need the blocks
so I need the tools
so I need the gems
and I need the superglue

I might also start playing the areas of the game I almost wholly ignore because who’s got time for extra work:

  • brews
  • bricks
  • events
  • augments

and more I can’t recall right now.


I keep forgetting the “kid” attention span.

I find the wait times annoying, but I usually have multiple projects going at the same time.

But kids (and teens) have zero attention span.

So maybe cutting crafting times in half wouldn’t be a bad idea. Instant crafting for single “iron or less” tools is not a bad idea, either.

A side note @james, is there an early task that tells you to put sap in a furnace to make glue? How to make glue is the single most common question I got yesterday.


If you’re at or near action speed cap turning mountains and bedrock into swiss cheese in an hour, wanting 1 hammer to do the job is asking for one heck of a hammer.


I don’t think wanting something that takes the resources you describe to last an hour of playtime is unreasonable:

base item parts
brew cost
food cost

etc. it all adds up. I know what you mean and understand but it just doesn’t feel right. You spend more time making the tools than using them. That’s some crappy tools. :slight_smile:


I want to correct you here. Kids have a great attention span for things they enjoy. That’s such a gross interpretation of the way adults act these days with their impulse driven issues.

My kids for example have a small amount of time to play. They want results in their small amount of playtime. It is wildly different that adults playing and being able to go hours on end jumping back and forth between projects.

The devs need to decide if that is a market they want to cater to, otherwise they aren’t going to get that demographic.


This isn’t a bad idea :slight_smile: Maybe not instant, but if you’re crafting 1 u want it NOW! If you’re manufacturing they can queueueueue. There must be a way of accommodating both needs without breaking the game? Needs to be a story behind why this can happen. Ideas?


Yeah, an hour at start or an hour with an 8 action speed and 8 power?


I do understand the possibility that we mine out worlds if the tools become too powerful. But if I am mining, I am mining because I need a certain amount of something. If I get it in a hour I am done, If it takes 3 hours (and I decided I want to grind for three hours) I am done. I am not going to mine more than I think I need, because that would be engaging that is a task and not enjoyable to me, but a requirement of the game.

If as has been suggested the rare resource seems were bigger people would need to mine less to get them. So would this increase the amount of blocks being removed from planets or decrease it? Maybe @James or someone on his team has enough experience to know what may have happened in other games.


Yes, I was thinking of this discussion in the frame of the free weekend too. When you’ve bought the game and have a long possible play timeframe ahead of you, six hours to mass craft something is no big deal. If you have (some of) 72 hours to work out if you like a game or not, you probably don’t want to make the sampling customers spend a chunk of their play time cursing at machines and thinking that logging off and coming back when stuff is ready is the way to play. I mean obviously a veteran player would plan and set those 5 hammers or whatever going prior to their plans but a short notice free play session suffers when longer crafting times are involved.


Congratulations to Wonderstruck more than 1000 people playing Boundless right now


That’s fantastic


the fact we got a Nickelodeon level profanity filter and they opted to avoid useing worlds like tattoos and instead body paint for the E 10 rateing i think says what demographic they are aiming for…they want the minecraft crowd


I agree, early tools should craft quicker.


That’s pretty much what I meant, but better said.

I’m yet to meet a kid that enjoys waiting. :slight_smile:


It would be a little weird to change your tattoo, though. :smile:


Good! Lot’s of Minecraft players out there, I can retire from footfall profits!