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Looks like at least one of my new neighbors on Alder has stuck around after the trial. :slight_smile: Had a lot more footfall, and was selling a few of the things that usually just sit there in a couple buildings apart from my main shopping area. And just have to note I saw something that amused me for some reason: I log in, and as soon as the warp opened (I was in my home building when I logged out) I see somebody just running around my house looking at stuff. So I just sat there and watched for a minute. It just struck me as funny to see somebody interested in my eyesore of a house.


To jump in on the ‘crafting time’ train.

I am for full removal of crafting times.

This has been my experience these past few days (as a real example):

I like to build. I put time in to collect many resources and have a huge store of blocks…but each refined block has 200+ color combination. Once I pick a color pallet, I will need to craft those advanced blocks (no problem).

Then once I start building…I am in the building mode! I am chugging away…ugh, just ran out of decorative wood…Okay, well I have the raw wood - > Timber instant -> put it in refiner. Okay, so now I have 1 hour I need to be back to switch it over…to then wait another 1 hour for it to be ready.

I can’t keep building with what I have…I guess I will go hunt or do a guild thing. Wonder around aimlessly…find something to do, forget about what I had in my machines…log off.

A day later I log in to build…find the blocks…ugh I never moved them over to make them decorative…I really wanted to build.

Okay, move them over to make the decorative, I have 1 hour…ugh, I want to build…okay I will go watch TV and come back. Get caught up watching TV and my friends come over…2 days later I log in, Oh right, I was going to build.

I would be for the removal of crafting times…if only because it would allow me to log in and play the game.

I can’t express the ‘bleh’ I feel while building when I am about to run out of something…because it means changing gears and putting what I want to do on the back burner while I wait.

I have a huge backlog of crafted Slingbows…because one time I couldn’t do a hunt because the wait time to craft slingbows meant i wouldn’t be ready :frowning:


The problem with crafting times I feel is that most say just reduce or get rid of but let’s propose just to stream line it across most of the board.

We want to play the game not wait

All Single crafts should be instant.
Single crafts cost full resources their is no discount in mats.

Bulk craft you get a discount in mats so a price should be paid so a time of 30 min across the board for all bulk crafts.

Mass craft you get a large discount in mats so you should have to wait longer so 1 hour across the board.

The time could be to much for somethings i would expect the timer to be scaled back for them. Just all single crafts should be instant. Or this could be the timer before the time discount is applied from the coils.


This would resolve my issue above!

I could single craft enough to keep going , so I don’t have to wait. Then line up my bulk crafts and come back to grab them.

I would be willing to pay more up front to get it now!

Same with my slingbow issue! I would love to single craft a slingbow if it means I get to go on the cool hunt! I could even single craft one so that another person could go that didn’t have one (gembow assumed here).

I fully support this!


I think that’s a reasonable middle ground when it comes to this game’s crafting times.

Cause some of those current recipes take a lot of hours of just mass crafting times alone to produce and that’s pretty stupid.


if this was done i would full jump back into the game


I think a lot of people cause they would no longer have to dealing with down time from activities they want to do.

I seriously hope @james is taking this feedback about crafting times to heart. Cause waiting for something to get done in order to continue doing something you find fun is really a huge turn off. It’s almost on par with those freemium mobile games that give you 15 hour build times to create 1 building and you can only build 1 building at a time. So it literately takes you months to get anything done unless you fork over hundreds in cash to speed things up.


And as soon as people get no crafting times they will start complaining about how long it takes them get materials and how much time they are wasting doing that… is there anything in this game players are happy with the time spent??? Manging time and resources is part of the mmo aspect of this game. Working together and planning ahead.


I enjoy mining for hours and hours haha love the grind


true but the only other MMO i can even think of with this crazy of time management is eve online and atlest there you can still do want you want to do if you are clever its not oh dang i needed more coils for my helix time to wait 2 days for it to craft when you hit the days or weeks on research with eve thats when you are well into mid-end game


Well the helix coils don’t seem like they were not meant for a solo player to craft. As soon as my group saw what was needed we pooled our resources and just did a mass craft.

The helix coils already cost so much in resources they shouldn’t cost that much it time. But the helix coils are the extreme outlier and in my opinion not a good example of the problems with crafting times.


thats the other problem with the game the devs need to eather fix that or make it clear this game is not ment to be soloed cuz evey other MMO out there has group aspects but also has a solo element while boundless it seems is trying to purely gear for group play.

i will give you that but still given a hour just to draw shapes on wood is waay to long for whats happening.


I’ve already given James feedback on that. Players need to be given a steady stream of resources to allow them to continue doing what they want to do in the game. A player getting into gem mining for the first time should be able to get a diamond seam once every 10-15 minutes. I also mentioned to him that it would be a balance nightmare cause of how even halfway decent forged hammers are a thing.

This game is meant to be for gamers ages 7 and up. This doesn’t mean progression needs to be so painfully time consuming at certain points because they’re progression points. When you’re getting into gem mining for the first time, you need hundreds of a single rough gem cause you aren’t just collecting them for the machines, power coils, and then later on advanced power coils. You’re getting them to also craft gem tools and later on forge gem tools. You literately need thousands of rough gems.

Just cause they’re a rare crafting ingredient doesn’t mean it needs to take someone entering gem mining a week to get enough for a single mass craft. That’s really dumb.


I was talking with the designers today about the crafting times and one of the concerns they raised was that if crafting was instant then players could generate large amounts of XP instantly.

If the crafting times were removed then the XP would likely need to go with it.


There’s already pretty massive XP farming available anyway - and people seem to like XP farming. I don’t see the harm in it either way - as long as crafting is short but not instant.

I don’t think anyone wants instant crafting, just some faster low level crafting.


I would think the fact helixes are part of Guilds would give people a pretty good idea that it’s not intended for solo players.

There’s plenty that solo players can do. Just takes more time and effort, as makes sense vs a group.


I think it makes sense for short (not instant) single crafts, and if the XP needs to be dropped a little to compensate, that too makes sense. But honestly if someone is willing to sit there and click 1000 times for single crafts to farm XP…more power to them… logging out with mass crafts will likely still be much more effective.

Edit: slightly lower bulk times, keep mass the same.


What exactly is the problem with instant crafting xp? I don’t see the difference between that and queueing 100 crafting tables overnight. Besides the need to craft 100 tables. But that’s not exactly much of a hindrance.


yea that was a bad point to make on my part in retrospect


I do appreciate the look at crafting times, but I will agree that if what is happening is players put everything into their machines and log off, what is the difference between that and instant crafting? To the player it is instantaneous, they have to go to the machines to pick up the xp but that is all.

So instead of being in game and using whatever I am crafting to build or sell, I am not in the game at all. So no interaction with other players, no using plots for building, no restocking sales stands. Instead we get nothing from players. Even if the times were greatly reduced, I would like to think I would not log out but wait for the crafting to finish. If I had to wait 30 minutes for mass crafts of building materials, I might wait. If it is hours then I will log of and do play something else knowing they will be there whenever I decide to return.

I am not happy with all the prep time. If one of the objectives of the game is to build then I would like to build more and prep to build less. I keep thinking about the videos I saw before I started and all the wonderful builds in it. Who new that 1500 hours into the game, I would still not have what I needed to even attempt some of those builds. When you get a player that comes into the game and spends 20 hours in game and has a couple of machines, some refined rocks, wood and a build worth about 10-20K and they see some of the builds worth 2-3 million, how do we expect them to react? So if they extrapolate that to get 2 million will require 100 times more material, but they will get 50% percent faster at doing it, then they believe it will take them another 1000 hours to do it. That is asking a lot from someone that has only spent 20 hours in game and has likely never spent that kind of time in a game before. So are the times to craft and gather too long or is this a game for people that want to spend 1000 to really accomplish anything significant?