Boundless PS4 vs PC

I see a lot of PS4 players here on the forum. I am a PC gamer through and through. Personally, I can’t imagine playing any game that requires aiming with a controller. Activities like rapid block placement, hunting, and quickly grappling across terrains must be extremely difficult. I can think of many advantages of playing on PC over PS4. To name a few: precise aiming (absolute advantage of functions within the game), debug and other useful information (F1 menu), ease of searching with release 227, and various game customization options.

As a PC gamer, I am curious as to what made you choose console over PC to play Boundless? Do you just prefer console gaming in general?

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I like the simplicity of console gaming. I don’t have to worry about buying and upgrading graphics cards, having enough ram, driver issues, or hardware conflicts. I just want to load my games up and play. I used to play on PC years ago (SimCity, Fallout 1&2) but I am not a fan of K&M controls for today’s modern games.

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I don’t have a gaming pc atm and no plans to buy one any time soon. I do enjoy my ps4 exclusives too :smile:. Controls on ps4 really arent that bad though. And linking a usb keyboard makes typing easy as well


you just got to worry about upgrading your console every 4 years lol


You can plug in m&kb in to a PS4 and the controls should be the same as on PC. Just less options to customise, no debug menu, can’t throw more money at it to get better fps etc. And you can also play on a PC using a controller, games are becoming less and less platform specific.


Well ps4 came out in 2013. So we’re sittin at 6 years almost now lol. PS5 possibly next year or the year after


Last of Us
Red Dead Redemption
Horizon Zero Dawn


Dont forget Spiderman and God of War

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I like to multi-task, work/play/research all at the same time…
Do work and mock-ups on my PC, while listening to Spotify, while cruising through Youtube, while searching google, while checking the weather…lol

I am a 100% PC gamer now, but I’ve played on consoles since I was little kid…so I prefer to use a game controller when possible, with my PCs. + sometimes I like to HDMI the display to my 60" tv and play from my cooshie chair :sunglasses:

Right now I use an Xbox controller + PC (+mouse/keyboard for shortcuts). If I REAAAALLLY want to play a game that’s WASD only (and I don’t feel like mapping keys to a controller) I will, but rarely.

The thought of having to buy a new console every few years, plus $65 handles, etc…then knowing I’ll have to buy a new system when they stop supporting that one

… a console is just a compact PC with limited functions & upgrade ability :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I sit at a PC all day at work, cant imagine sitting at one to game too!

I did play League of Legends a lot back when i had my PC, and I can imagine how much better Boundless would be on there… Ps4 is great but i bet its glorious to just point and click without analogues :laughing:


true my timing was off but still its for the most part unless you got a high end monitor and want to be runing everything at max settings you don’t need the latest and greatest card i only upgrade once every 5 years or so when i see that new games start to struggle to run.


And virtually all, if not all the other Sony interactive entertainment games.

Days Gone for example

Spiderman PS4 alone made me a proud ps4 owner lol. Very well done game


I’m lazy. :stuck_out_tongue:


It is just so much simpler. I know I can pop in a game and it will work. I like to be able to flop in my nice comfy soft papasan chair and veg out with a controller - yes, I know if I do (insert steps I’ll never be able to follow, computer-dumb as I am) I could do all that with PC games, but once again… I’m lazy. Give me the easy route. I’m also not really picky about graphics or anything, so I’m quite happy with my PS4 and Xbox One.

That said, as I’ve mentioned before, Boundless is one game I really would like to play on PC as well. And I do need to upgrade. But once again, keep putting it off…

Lazy. :flushed:


I had never heard of boundless until it was on the PS4 shop main window. Didnt even know it was on PC until after I had been playing for a month on PS4.

I don’t think the question was “why did you get a PS4 or a PC”, rather “why do you play boundless on a ps4 or a pc”

Or I could be wrong, only the OP knows :woman_shrugging:

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i hear ya but I was just answering the question of why I use PS4. I already use the PS4 to play all the games listed. Just seemed playing Boundless on PS4 made sense for me.

yea my bad i deleted the post cuz i forgot op was picking PS4 specifically so the game argument des count

PS4 is a good time. Sure is a shame that PC has its advantages over console lol

I own all current generation consoles, but platform exclusives aside, I think PC is just more versatile. Plus given you have a decent gpu, graphics on pc is simply unparalleled.
Idk if Boundless looks any different on PS4 bs PC.

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