Boundless Roadmap ?!?

I have been playing since launch and REALLY love the game. What does the future hold for this great game? Does it have any big plans or has it hit its high? So much more could be done to bring many players into this world. Is it financially feasible to have a big content patch? I feel the development teams enthusiasm and content plans for the game have stalled. Did it not make the money it needed to make? Mr. Austin whats your honest opinion. I believe alot of unspoken veteran players are wondering the same thing. What can we expect?


Maybe use the search function next time before you open a new thread :wink:

There’s already several recent threads about this.

Mr Suji thanks for the info, love your shop and what you have created.

Found this recent post on Steam:

[SamF] [developer] Jun 2 @ 3:49am
Hi there,

To be absolutely clear, we have no plans to close the servers. We are actively continuing to develop Boundless, and have big plans for the future of the game.


Another post soon after:

[SamF] [developer] Jun 4 @ 6:35am

Hi there,

I’m sorry to hear you’re not enjoying Boundless. To reiterate some points and clarify others;

  1. We are actively developing the game with no plans for that to change. Development of different features moves at different speeds. The current live game is release 244 of Boundless. Putting arbitrary release dates against individual features would be unhelpful guesswork for both developers and players.

  2. We have a publicly available ‘testing’ version of the game, where we put upcoming features weeks or sometimes months in advance for interested players to sample. This is designed to help us test the game in a semi-live environment. This is available for anybody who owns the game. The feedback and data we garner from this is one of the key drivers in how the game is developed. We take listening to our players very seriously.

  3. We’re not planning on rolling back the game to the pre-release universe, and we’re not planning on closing the servers.


Early 2023!


Last time i checked they where working on a plan to tell us nothing
need check if it worked though


You never know they might be working on other projects and resources are spread thin. From a business model standpoint, if something isnt making the money you dont spend time and resources on it. Average peak numbers on Steam charts is no more than 200. If I was CEO I would start work on a new game or project while throwing at life line once in a while to Boundless, couple of devs to maintain Boundless. In the case of Minecraft the modding community has taken the content over and kept it alive at no expense to Minecraft devs. I figure thats why Boundless is pushing modding, let the community take over the content on their own private servers.

And of that were actually the case I would like to know that because I would then move on immediately. Heck, by not talking about anything they are strengthening this idea and people might want to move on soon anyway.

Giving as a tiny glimpse of what f they are working on might help to prevent that idea from forming…


Assuming it is the case that they are working on another title, which is a pretty big assumption and doubtful for a host of reasons, why would they want to tell all their existing players?

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Big assumption? It makes business since I think. Can’t go on a road trip without money for gas. Other revenue injects money into Wonderstruck which is a good thing.

You can only speculate since you don’t work for WS. James posted recently that Boundless has 3500 M.A.U. and some big things are planned for this year. :woman_shrugging:


That’s great, but it takes money to make things happen for any studio my friend. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket as they say.

You don’t have access to their monthly budget/financial reports so you don’t know how they’re doing.


Its an old saying. If you invest all your capital into only one venture and it fails your left with nothing. If you have multiple ventures theoretically one can offset the other or even help the other.

And no, I don’t know their finacials but steady revenue has to come from somewhere. Without microtransactions or people buying the game every month with substantial growth this game has to financially feed from something. Developers have to be paid for their work.

For example Star Citizen had to take out another BIG loan last summer to supplement their multiple studios for the continued development of the game, givin all the “ship packages” they sell.

Even if a studio has good finacials my friend, you still have to outflow of capital.

Still all what you say are speculations.
You CAN’T confirm that wonderstruck is working on something else and leaving boundless on a dusty shelf.


Speculations aside, seeing is believing. I hope they are booming with wealth and BIG content is coming, that would be fantastic. I have thousands of hours in this game. Bring it on!

And since we see nothing to confirm what you’re saying, we don’t believe you’re correct. :stuck_out_tongue:


Its not my job to confirm anything. We just want answers, I think you will agree.