Boundless Skill Calculator

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I created a Skill Calculator for Boundless that allows you to see what your stats will be with different skills selected. You can also save builds and share.

Share your favorite Boundless Builds and your opinions of the calculator below! Let me know if you find any errors!


great job, dude ^^

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Amazing work. Now that is dedication.


You’re awesome!


played away with it

  • an option to delete existing build or overwrite one already created?
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Great job done here :slight_smile:
For a design concept suggestion, I think you can choose one very nice picture as background instead of a lot of picture gallery. Also add a blur effect on it, and make your background fix the position.

It will create more focus point on your Calculator part. :):sunglasses:

Just a suggestion :slight_smile:


You can push your own built by clicking on it several times ^^ … may be you should get some :cookie::cookie::cookie: for our browsers :wink:

And yes, a delete function would be great (but may create the need for accounts :confused: )

And PS: Is the very high kinetic armor value on the right correct? … The build is “Solo Miner/Gatherer/Surviver” and I start with 900 armor when with 0 points in kinetic armor.

Very nice! I do notice that it doesn’t seem to save points put into grapple though but still uses the points up if you’ve put them in the saved build.

Thanks, fixed now, was the result of a typo (1000 when should have been 100)

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Oops, A display error. Fixed it now, Thank you.

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Thank you for the feedback, ill have to play around with different pictures :slight_smile:

Frikin awesome, like wow. They should pay you for it lol.

Is there a way to in the skills description to explain what some of the skills will actually give you, like crafting level 1 will let you make such and such?

Actually really the crafting stuff is the only ones that are very limited in what they will give you.

Also I know it might be a bit of work, but maybe in the future as you develope this thing, it could have a level button we click that will only show the skills available at that level and the cubits that are earned up to that level and avail points to the level to spend.

Also for your header :slight_smile:

I will suggest, move the Name your build to top, and increase the padding or margin between.
So you will have more spacing between edge.

Also for the skill point remain, i suggest change the color for current point (0 on the picture), so people can notice that much easier :slight_smile:

Yes!!! This is actually the reason I started building the calculator. I hope to add something soon to explain what levels actually give.


All I can say is yes to this all over the place. Great job man.

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Now THAT is extremely useful!

Looks awesome! Would be cool to have a mobile-friendly version though.

It’s pretty mobile friendly now, triple tap a perk to clear it

@Stretchious :roll_eyes:

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He knows, I told him about it before this thread was even made, he helped make it better in fact :slight_smile:

I don’t think it affects whether or not he finishes his own. So we will have two!

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