Boundless TV


Heyo devs and Oortians. So you devs should ask square enix about the live cam feed feature that Final Fantasy XI had streaming on their website for the first several years of that MMO. It was basically an always live feed of the game from the perspective of a sweeping camera that hovered over the terrain and would occasionally focus on player activity. Now, I don’t know how you could acheive this but I am sure SE could point you in the right direction.

I imagine a live feed that is mobile friendly where the camera visits all the planets on a cycle. Before you say, that’s twitch, no, it’s not. I am talking about a global perspective and not individual focused. I would enjoy watching this and honestly I’d leave it playing most everywhere I went. I would even pay for this service if it were available.

I think this could be a tool to help promote the game. You could even have a chat room attached to the live feed.


I would not see this impossible as we always see superman ross throwing pies.

But jokes aside. I have talked about multiple times to james etc about having community corners and they have said they have interest doing it but i dunno that was like half year ago… give or take


as much as i love this game, its advertisement is non-existent. at least i cant find any info anywhere about this game. do some advertising guys !!! make some promo on steam, find new youtubers give them game for free to highlight it. try to promote this wonderful game :frowning: we really need more ppl playing here ;( @james @rossstephens i did couple posts on some forums but this is nothing compared to what a proper camiagn can achive :frowning: ADVERTISE this beauty !!! XD


This has been my self-appointed mission lately. I’m pretty big into the NMS community, and I just know that a lot of that fanbase would also love Boundless if given a chance - we already do have several of us here who are big into both. Not to mention, the community that is there now is a REALLY good group of folks, seriously. I think my count of Twitter followers who have showed real interest is at four or five right now, but that is just the ones saying something or asking me things. I know a lot more are at least seeing it, and I’m pretty liberally posting in Boundless stuff right now along with my usual posts.

But yeah, this cannot be repeated enough - we know our friends and followers best. Spear fishing can yield much greater results than casting a wide net into minnows.


From what I can tell, it looks like some people were given a free copy or some type of key and they did leave reviews on steam (bad ones). Apparently, they didn’t play for very long & don’t care for sandbox MMOs. They would need to be selective about who they choose (ppl familiar with or possibly interested in MMOs - like the MC crowd, NMS, Creativerse, etc). Some of the reviews are so bad and off-base that I noticed Steam themselves are removing/blocking some. :open_mouth:

The majority of the negative reviews seem to be upset about their beacons going out and them losing everything. Then some are just not helpful at all


The silly bad reviews were the reason I wrote my ONLY steam review. Been gaming forever and the negative reviews triggered me enough I had to do something. The " I turned the game on for a minute and it’s junk" reviews are just terrible. There is no substance, no reason of why it’s junk, no explanation of why they didn’t like it. Nothing. (Ohh the colour palate is terrible)…yah the game with the most variety of colours ever in a game is terrible… Good call you ignorant … If you’re going to review a product. Use it. Test it. Push it to the limits… actually give it a chance. You don’t buy a waffle iron and make one waffle and call it junk…why do it to a game? I really felt the review section needed some input from a perspective that actually gave the game some time to be played. I believe I wrote my honest opinion at around 600+ hours. I understand this type of game isn’t for everyone but there is a niche that does love it.
The in game live cam is an amazing promotional idea! Especially if the devs could “hi-jack” it and film a hunt from a distance. Fly around where the business is going down, perhaps even a time lapse of a budding city(I’m certain the community would be happy to make this a reality) So many possibilities with it. I can’t get over how much I really love this idea. Plus it’s be cool just to turn on and check out what’s going down in the big cities.


Yeah, full max RGB spectrum – it’s sooo bad lol


I forgot the quotes. Woops. Was mocking the bad review you had a pic of.


Advertising costs money. Not sure they have any. Either that or they want to actually have a more polished product first


It worked like a charm to promote ffxi and the community LOVED it. And we are talking about the same publisher. I honestly dont know why this shouldn’t get traction.


I was agreeing with you and adding more sarcasm sorry … it’s one of those things that doesn’t come across the internet well I guess LOL


A lot of those free game reviews came from a free weekend. A weekend was by far not enough to get a complete impression of the game. Mine initially came out of the free weekend, too, only I actually enjoyed myself. I did my best to help in putting aside some of the more negative ones like “I have to keep logging in to keep my stuff omg”. I mean, yes, you do, but if you can’t put in two minutes ever two weeks as a bare minimum, you aren’t really playing the game anyway.

As far as it goes, I’ve seen the recent of “mixed” when I first tried it move toward “mostly positive” so it’s not all bad. And me, I’ve never paid any mind to people that wright a one-line review. If that’s all the effort you’ll put into a review, I’ll assume that’s all the effort you put into a game, too.


Maybe in colour palette complaints, they were talking about Gloviathosa. That place makes my eyes bleed. T_T


Honestly, Steam’s reviews are becoming about as usefull as Amazon’s or eBay’s fake ones. They aren’t a good indicator anymore. There was one huge game with a ton of hype & great reviews that I paid $50 for…I swear it must’ve been a high schooler’s project lol. There’s also several games that simmer for awhile before they catch on…that most ppl end up loving…but not so much at first. Minecraft was a super bugged wonky bowl of :poop: before it got better lol


Interesting and cool suggestion, if I understood right this would be like Boundless webcam :smiley:


I’m trying to stream this game on Twitch a few times a week. I’m a very new player, but I’m already really thoroughly enjoying it!


How about just get back to basics and first hire a community manager. Do livestreams every week… like fridays or so. This is pretty “stupid” and concerning when playerbase have to start listing thing what you should do with ypur marketing etc.


I think it would would an amazing thing to have for this game (if it’s possible). A lot of the comments in the reviews say they didn’t see other players or builds so they thought it was dead and quit. If they could pop online and see the satellite/drone camera panning around a random town/build where players are…I think that would be really helpful. I’d probably even watch it sometimes :+1:


That moment when you’re building some top secret project and a news drone starts hovering over you :smiley:


The insult emote cracks me up, so I suppose I’d be the one mooning the camera when it came around, I don’t think I could resist. :wink:

On the subject of promoting, I remember there was someone here (sorry, forgot who) who was doing some treasure hunts for us here on the board. Started thinking, what if the devs started doing that on their social media accounts, with a really good and really well-hidden prize? The promotional catch being, given how well it will be hidden, it would take a certain number of shares to get another clue. If the official account picks up a certain number of followers, prize doubles. So, say we start with 200 umbris hidden somewhere. Just a vague screenshot on Twitter. Ten retweets later, we get a good hint about the planet. Ten later, strong clue about the region name. If they pick up, oh, say five new followers in the time before it is found, it then goes to 400 umbris, and so on. Free way to get us getting the game on the radar of others, and would be fun, even without an account people could still play along even if they couldn’t help with the clues and all.