Boundless Wishlist

If you wanted to improve boundless, what would you either want improved or added to the game? While I believe that Boundless truly is the leader for this genre based on what they have done so far. More could be done to expand on the game. For me, I am a miner, its all I do. But even that gets to a point where burn out occurs. Since I do not enjoy building, here are some areas that I can see for improvement.

For me:

  • Expand on the request basket system and turn into a quest. Basket owners can come up with some story/fluff to requesting for x amount of materials.
  • Add other types of mob spawn/wave events other than meteors. Just to get some more variety to the world. Maybe a rift/portal/dungeon that spawns that only x amount of players can enter and clear. Once 6 players enter. It locks people out.
  • Player created dungeons. First the player dedicates an area as a dungeon area (instead of the plain add plotter tool, a dungeon plotter is used) Then Lets say each creature can drop a soul. You collect x amount of souls to create a mob spawn. The mob spawn can only be used (X amount of points in a Dungeon area) to add some threat to the dungeon. Next add traps and non-mob related elements.
  • Magic: Add a magical weapon to the game.

Lets see what your thoughts are. I will be curious to see what the community is looking form.


I like your ideas!

Would also enjoy quests added


Add something for the healers and this would be awesome.



My wish list is pretty basic LOL

  1. Far-sight Enabler for Playstation Players in main menu settings. PLEAAAAASSEEEE
  2. Region Lines on Atlas- or Epic Skill to apply this function.

Add ons:
Harpoon Weapon- For Underwater Hunts

  • Sea Creatures- Crayfish, Crabs, Sharks, Fish
  • Snakes

For the game:

  • Improve the New Player Experience and the intro tutorial
  • Revamp forging to be more deterministic
  • Make sure the titanium -> gem -> AOE tool transition feels like smooth progression

For me:

  • procedurally generated/placed minidungeons
  • Ancient Oortian lore
  • modular furniture
  • Rare rewards that require a specific grind, but not RNG (each minidungeon drops 1 coin, use 100 coins to buy a particle emitter)

There is a game where the devs let players submit dungeon tile sets that occasionally get imported into the game as natutal procedural minidungeon things. I think thay system is worthy of copying.


I was already having a full blown anxiety attack when they announced Hunters (which haven’t come yet, phew!). IRL I love swimming, but have a weird thing about being underwater in games…Honestly, I dig the idea to an extent, but it terrifies me at the same time…


This would be epic-

HAHAHA nothing like swimming across a lake and wondering if something is lurking beneath your feet.
Electric Eels that drag you under- Ice Water Dragon that freeze the lake around you.

Would def make you wanna swim fast





Just a sign of life from the developers and that somehow Boundless will continue.


Furnishings for buildings probably at the top of the list, stuff to make houses more like homes.

Blueprint system.

Controls for shop stands to allow for things like one-per-customer, discounts for friends or guild members, ect.

The most pressing for me probably, since it is making it so I’m very hesitant to accept friend requests in game, which I hate rejecting: a way to toggle off people warping to you, some sort of Do Not Disturb setting.


Incubators, where we can put RoadRunner eggs.
Then we can get RoadRunner chicks!


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While we’re at it, a “no grapple” setting as well. I want to warp to hunt leaders, but I probably shouldn’t grapple them off cliffs.


I, er… may have done this by mistake too. :flushed: And while unintentional, Evil Paka might still have laughed because it WAS pretty funny… :smiling_imp:


Speaking of :japanese_ogre:evil​:japanese_ogre:. I wanted to suggest a rare spawn that goes into rage mode when more than one player is present. Call the mob anxiety but that wouldn’t be a popular choice :joy:

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  • No chat lag
  • Tiered permissions system (plot level, guild level, block level)
  • A form of Mall controls/admin tools (Not 100% sure on this and how it could work)

I have kind of gone back and forth on this one. Seeing how the game is a sandbox, I think having lore in the game to a small extent would be nice. There simply could have been some minor things added in my eyes combined with a very minor “loose” story that could have made this better. Some thing like some landmarks on the Homeworlds (think ruins, monoliths, statues) could have been added and tied a bit of story to each landmark and having some form of minor progression/reward for visiting each of these.

This would increase Footfall … increase traffic to less visited world…etc.

In some of the old information about the plans for Boundless, they describe some Oortian temples, some that would be guarded by protectors. I believe the intention was for these temples & hidden worlds to include both lore and provide for some kind of gear acquisition, but it’s hard to say without reading through every dev post through all of time.

Some more details are (hidden) on the features page:



Implementing an optional lore-book in the game (like Elite Dangerous’ Knowledge Base) would be nice.

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As bare as the in-game codex in E:D feels to me, it’s a nice thing to have, sounds like a good addition for the lore.

Yea, Maybe fanmade stories (like the myth of the creator I wrote) as well as actual ingame lore. a lorebook would definetely be a cool addition.

What is your CMDR name in elite? I recently started out and like E:D a lot.

Looks like it’s Rydralain. I don’t play much right now, though Odyssey has pulled me back in a little.

Elite used to have player-submitted narratives on Galnet, but they pulled that out when Galnet took a break, and as far as I know, that part didn’t come back when they brought the rest of Galnet back.

I’m not sure if officially sanctioned player stories fits Boundless well, but I think I’d have to see what the core Boundless lore looks like to really know. We’ll see if that feature makes it in at all :upside_down_face: