Boundless world maps for download

@james Can we have Maps from our Sovereign Worlds in the future?


can we have a update here ?
last map is from 2020.06.14


Update OP with latest maps.


OH! Sovereigns are in there too! Absolutely awesome!

Is it known if this will be updated at a regular interval?

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Holy sovereigns!


For anyone looking for a more dev friendly solution, I have already ingested all of the latest images into Boundlexx for easy access:


Updated OP with another set of maps.

Also includes a binary dump of beacon per world.

Details for decoding the binary is here:

Please note that the new beacon and maps APIs are currently admin only.






@james thank you

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@james can’t find euc16_t5_6(id:1442) am I blind?

Is that world private or expired? I don’t see it on the Boundlexx API, which could mean it’s private.

I know they’re, at least in some cases, considering private worlds as also private when it comes to APIs, so they may also not be sharing the world maps publicly either.

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That world has its global “Can Visit” permission set to false. If you want your world to be included in the exports (as well as visible on third party applications like Boundlexx), you need to set your global “Can Visit” permission to true. “Can Edit” and “Can Claim” can still both be false though.


@Angellus @Rydralain thx for help, yes it’s a private world.

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Im trying to find my planets but i do not know what name is has in the list of maps and i dont know where i can find that ive looked in the list of maps but there are so many to look at is there a easier way

I looked for so long and i cant not find it
To hard to find

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I use to find the world id and use ctrl-f to find it on the image page.

It’s probably easier to use and just use their atlas viewer there, though.

Yeah, as @Rydralain mentioned, you can use one of these to find your “world ID” or

Then you can either search the Dropbox link above or you can go to one of these:{ID}.png or{ID}/

replacing {ID} with your world ID. The first link will be the same as the image above in Dropbox (I download them from Dropbox and reupload them to my CDN for Boundlexx). The second link will be an interactive map showing all shops, beacons and settlements.

Latest maps are available here:


Thank you for keeping us updated with the latest maps James

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do you stil have the email? or the name?