BoundlessTrade.Net ..... What do you think?

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Does this help? Does this hurt?

Thoughts? Feelings?

Please discuss… I know people have their opinions, I’ve heard a lot of them in game already.

EDIT: I am not the creator of credit goes to Simoyd for the work done on the program… this is simply a discussion forum.


What do you think? because you dont state anything about it :slight_smile:


I have a separate post I am writing detailing my own thoughts on the matter but wanted to hear more from the community at large before posting.


Soo you have an opinion? but wait if its community accepted or want that the community affects your opinion?


I think it will be a great benefit. Being able to see what prices actually are, and to see if you are getting swindled or not. I know a lot of new players might not know prices, and might find themselves spending money at shops that have WAY out of date prices because that player no longer plays(thus the reason their prices are not current.)

It will also make it easier for new shop owners to start up. So they know what to price their stuff around, and if it’s worth selling what they want to sell.


This is a Craigslist for Boundless? Needs to be renamed to Craigsless & rethemed now!

Jking. Seems like something that could benefit the game.


As someone not invested into a store, I think its a great idea. Someone saw something they thought would benefit the game and acted. Kudos to the folks working on it.


I love the idea, and appreciate all the work they’ve put into it. I have been wanting and waiting for that scanner they made so I can help get more shops mapped to the database, I do lots of exploration so I will end up getting even some of the more remote shops on there at least once.

edited to correct my assumptions that were clarified to be false below.


I think the “Seperate Post” is not needed and could have started with your opinion and had a discussion.

But eh? Why not create duplicate posts.


I wanted to open a discussion where people are able to post their thoughts and feelings without first reading a post that leaned in either direction. I would rather hear candid feelings on the matter that have not been tainted by reading something before replying. If some of the replies in this thread change my opinion on the matter that is only a good thing in my mind… ability to accept and grow?


I believe this is Simoyds project…?/? Not sure but I dont believe the OP is the creator, and looking for a discussion about It.


just edited to clarify that, saw that one too and I am NO WHERE NEAR talented enough to create a website such as this.


As a buyer and small shop owner, I like it. Rather than running around to shops or relying on someone to tell me their believed average price for an item, I have access to some real data now.

I get a lot more value for my time without trusting a particular shop to have the item I need at a competitive price


I couldn’t remember who posted the project originally so I assumed incorrectly perhaps that this was the creator. My bad.


I just found it and I will give it a shot. The price check thing is definitely a positive in my books. I just added my store and I am looking forward to see how far it comes.


@SweetPotatoe we are living in the future now



Fantastic work! Great job. The recipes alone are very helpful. Really appreciate the efforts, I’ve alre bookmarked it.


Yeah…This is a amazing!


The only concerns for me would be random small shops that aren’t hit by anyone running the scanner. Does the scanner get the data from just the shop stands loading in your draw distance, or do you have to look at them? The playing field has to be equal, giving a shop an advantage based on your ability to send data to the site might be seen as discriminating.

edit: Basically the ideal solution would be to have all data so it’s fair for all, but only the devs can do this atm so for that we’ll have to wait for the ingame solution. I’m interested in how close and how easily does the scanner get to that ideal.


love it…