Boundmorb Special

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Hi Everyone! :smiley:

I have good news for all Spooky Orb lovers :heart_eyes:
Today (31/10) and Tomorrow (01/11) is Boundmorb Special time.

:arrow_down:That means three things :arrow_down:

FIRST - My Halloween shop stand in Cill Airne (Saren I) offers Spooky Orbs for just 16c.
Check it here:

SECOND - If you find ME in game, you can get Spooky Orbs for 10c, using trade option.

ME means one of my 6 characters: Boundmore, BoundmoreJr., JimGleam, PeterSpitter, Goovernor, GeorgeForge.
Remember those names and grab one of ME when you spot them!
MIND ME: limit of 600 purchase applies. This is to allow multiple players to get some cheap Spooky Orbs.

THIRD - if you find one of ME in game (as described above), and manage to scare me using /intimidate command, you will get 300 Spooky Orbs for free.

So, just do this on me:

and make me jump from fright! :grin:

Happy ME Hunting , Good Luck in finding ME and see you in game! :sunglasses: :wave:


Not easy to help people :laughing:

All peeps I meet either don’t know about this or have thousands orbs in stock already and selling themselves (fair play to them they leave my offer for others who need it more :cool:)

Few minutes after your restock post earlier, I bought them but felt bad to buy all of them so I left some. I then tried to find you for those sweet free spooky orbs but ended up checking up your settlement. :joy:

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I was just wondering who was so good to not take all of them :slight_smile:

But no worries - I intended 1600 as one batch so don’t be shy to take all if you are around next time. It’s cool you thought of others and I had this happen earlier too, but I log in a few times a day so I can easily restock in batches of 1600.
Hopefully a few more people might use the offer and enjoy the special items without much effort.


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:bat: There is not much left of the Halloween Event, so…

this one will now run for the remainder of it.

Still handing 300 Spooky Orbs free and hand trading up to 600 for just 10c, while my shops stand remains at 16c per Spooky Orb. :bat: