BPPW [Boundless Players Per World]

What I’d like to see are the world maps again. Both the ones showing what’s plotted and its compactness, and the ones just showing the builds. The “newest” ones are like 2 years old.


Just Wow…

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  • create timestamp along with the logs the total player count every time the script is executed to a file.
  • added auto refresh interval of 30 seconds, no need to refresh the page anymore.
  • added fanct text BPPW at header.
  • made the entire page more user friendly and compact.

I don’t think Angel I ever gets more then 4 players tops :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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let me bring my 10000 alts… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Planet might crash since it won’t be used to all that traffic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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They closed off (Secured) some of the older API stuff when they implemented the ‘official’ API.

Also the maps were basically a manual service, by James.

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This is really cool!

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thank you Truus! :slight_smile:

I think you’re not allowed to call the mob farm AFK according to a certain “i’m not making youtube videos anymore” expert
shhhh we don’t talk about Feather Falls :stuck_out_tongue:


aaah yeah i forgot :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

working on a pie chart to show most players per world in a 24 hour period on each world
the worlds showing would be interactive, so once clicked on the world it will show the pie chart on each world

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Is there a way to see how many DIFFERENT players are actually logging in to play at the end of day. Not showing the names or accounts, but counting how many different accounts(not characters) log in and play. Just curious…

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Hey bro, to get the uniqueness of total player count per 24 hour will most likely need the api key. Im new to the boundess coding when it comes to eternally,but its something im going in depths for on a daily base, testing here there to see what is possible and work on something that benefits everyone. I do however work on a script that checks the total player /most active hour’s per 24 hours and even which planet is mostly used a day, this takes a but of time. But what you mention is something i want to implement!

Eternally =externally

Yeah, that would be great to see the total number of accounts logging in vs just characters on a world.

Because most of the current players still playing have over 20 characters. Switching between characters raising the number of people on a planet doesn’t really help to see exactly how many people are still playing.

But tracking total accounts that log into the game would narrow the count down.

P.S. Totally appreciate the time and effort into improving this :+1:

There’s no API for this. I mean, with or without a key.

They could probably do character level but I don’t think they ever did. Actually per account would come with some concerns.

I was going to round up a couple of links but stumbled onto this:

That’s got docs for the LUA stuff and also the other APIs they implemented. The shopping API and I think the beacons API were made available to users.

The rest of everything is haxxorz man. I guess since the beginning they’ve had to close off a lot of stuff due to people finding and using certain access points that they had meant to be internal :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways anything revealing any account status or data would have huge security, and probably contractual issues. Even if they exposed this accidentally it would create liability.

Anonymizing and republishing real-time (via their own API) may or may not mess with sony/steam agreements I have no idea. In any case, I wouldn’t expect to see an API for this. A count of currently logged in users is normal for games though so no rush to seal that leak I’m sure.

TBF that mans more than 2 accounts, anyways :man_shrugging:


That folder has the part most people would want, just something you can read.

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A true player count will probably never be known unless Monumental cares to share the data and even then, I question if they would know who an alt was or not etc.

There is ton of data for nearly everything else though. I have technically recreated Boundless Info, but also included other data such as Prestige levels, etc.

Still a WIP in progress… but something I starte a long time ago and just didn’t finish.


Yes its 2 accounts, but its better to see 2 accounts that logged on that day then showing 20 characters giving everyone the “illusion” there are more players playing.