"Brands" & Item Naming


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Looking back, I would call myself a true gamer once I began playing WoW back in 2007 when Burning Crusade came out (The sheer number of hours my life lost on that game Alone qualify it to be my gamer “baptism”:sweat_smile:). In hindsight what kept me playing that game wasn’t the chase for: high-level gear, a super powered character, beating down a raid boss, or even the lore; what kept me slogging through quests and mob exterminations was the dream to become a master crafter! That’s right, I wanted to become a maxed out crafter with the big dream of becoming known for being able to craft some of the best gear either solo or within a guild! After countless hours of time were spent I realized that although I was finally nearing my goal in stat ability there was no real sense in continuing since the best gear in game came from raid drops not from players. Since then I’ve always been looking for “Crafter Satisfaction”.

Back In Boundless,
I’ve been really enjoying all the sense of being a crafter and the player economy! I’m also extremly excited about the “CentraForge”: Weekly Dev Update: 2017 April 21st - Centraforge, Poles and Faces!

When trying to come up with what is still needling my crafting obsession I realized that as an MMO I still am hoping for a way to make a Name “in-game” and thought a way to “brand” your creations would be amazing to have!

Ever Been to @Stretchious’s incredibly informative website Boundlesscrafting.com? Well messing around in the lore and guild tabs allowed me to believe that creating personal and guild glyphs alone would be crazy awesome, but what if you could brand that into your own created items?! Think about Refined Metal Alloy Blocks:

Shoutout to @Kawwak’s SandBox for supplying the screenshot materials.

They each have a small version of the “Personal” size 3x3 Glyph. So at first I thought what if you could replace that glyph or the glyph block in your tools (the “T” junction). Upon realizing the absurd amount of difficulty this would cause, I was relieved to hear about the thought of stickers or “overlays”.

So the suggestion I have is:
What if, not only could we name our creations i.e. “Saphire Spitter Skewerer” aka “Saphire Slingbow”, we could create an item/sticker that had our 3x3 “Personal” or 5x5 “Guild” Glyph that can then be slapped onto our own creations?

Take Tools/Weapons as an example:

A mockup of “Personal” and “Guild” Glyph locations on a couple of tools.

Guess all I’m really asking for is to be able to:

  • Name my Tools/Weapons
  • Be able to have a way to have a (created by) feature.
    I just thought it could be fun to make it immersive or even a fasion statement.

Would appreciate any feedback.

-Boundless Devotee

If you could pick just one thing

i love this idea!! way back when I played UO whenever you crafted an item I read the name and them crafted by. so I always bought my black steel armor from a chap named “black knight”
I love the idea of branding and would like to see it in boundless!


If only. I’d finally be able to create the ‘Super Pseudo Spitter Stick’ and the ‘Server Stalling Emerald Dev Slayer’.


Any craftsman that takes their profession seriously would love the ability to brand their goods. If we are still considering what would make a great “end of tree” crafting skill reward, this is it! A branded item should denote the work of a dedicated craftsman. Some items like blocks could just show the crafter’s mark on the inventory stack (perhaps in the top corner of the item description pop-up box) as to not alter the appearance of basic building blocks.


Great idea, only 3x3 gives very small number of personal glyphs.