Brief Downtime at 2pm


I have always dreamt someone would release a game where you stood still and did nothing. Cant wait for the sequel “lying on the couch”… thats my kinda game!


just did a validate of files in steam, said 1 bad file, was fixed. Still getting disconnect after looting anything.


Circa broken @SamF



So it seems that the disconnect is happening everytime I break and collect an item, immediately as it goes into inventory.

I can place, chisel and move with no effect.

Edit, on Alcyon.


Thanks for the reports folks, we’re investigating…


Took a break after a minor burn out, was coming back to my home on Arie to try get back into the swing of things today but multiple websocket and dc’s guess it’ll wait til tomorrow when it’s hopefully fixed.


Ok I can get in …just not to Circarpous I…alas my home. :sob:



Remember that one time someone rolled out a patch on live and everything went exactly according to plan? Yeah me neither.

At least our eagerness to get on is a compliment for the dev team


Youre doing it wrong… try lying down and holding your breath.


Seems disconnect happens when loot is to be assigned to you, all the stuff I know was broken and looked as moving towards my inventory is nowhere to be found in inventory or on the ground when returning back. Exotic bulbs not looted etc (the first 3x3 hit to farm fields, where my first disconnect occurred)


Still got nothing…Circarpous I @SamF


Circapous has left its orbit and is heading toward Phemenorum … lol


Megahub is too OP. Needed a nerf


Might have to change the name to Firecracker Megahub


Id be happy with a sparkler for now


Install pong in sanctum for time being.


well the atlas has been messing up on Circa for a while now since the farming


This is the case for me, as apposed to my previous comment.

Disconnect is before it goes into inventory and items vanish from game!


Can confirm circa is not gone, my character is still connected lol. Would love to pour over the black box data if she ever makes it back alive…