Buffs keep turning off and on during game play

My buffs keep turning off and on. Switching tools/spaces in my hand triggers it, going in and out of water triggers it, etc. over and over. I recorded it, but YT is being weird this morning & I can’t upload it. Also submitted a report in game.

I logged off and back on. All is well now :+1:

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This is what it was doing before I logged out:

I’ve not been able to reproduce it so far as shown in the video. Even though you said that it’s all working well now, presumably it hasn’t happened since then?

It hasn’t happened since then. If it starts happening again, I’ll make a note & record it.

this seems to happen to me almost every other week. i log out and log back in. One time i ran around screaming help for the lol’s

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Seems to only happen to me when I’m on during the experations of buffs. At least that’s the last time I remember seeing it.

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its the early warning system, like when beacons are bout to expire!

Yep, it sometimes happens when buffs are about to expire or were just renewed, maybe some kind of de-sync. I’ve seen it happen a few times, I recorded it a while ago as well (January):

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That seems like an extreme example in the video. Does it still do this in the game, even though the video itself was recorded back in January?

This happened to me 2 weeks ago last I remember, when Iconic renewed weekly buffs.

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Just happened again during Portal Seeker’s buff renewal:

Just submitted game logs, here’s a video as well:

Movement got wonky as well as client and server kept disagreeing about whether or not I had Grapple and Run active.

It stopped a few minutes later.

Happened to me yesterday when my Guild buff ran out. Relog fixed it.

Same exact thing for me today too.

I’ve had it happen to me as well. If I switch characters it may stop, but not always. Also it may happen with one character and not another.

I’m on PS4 pro.

Edit: For me, most of the time It seems to be triggered after going through a portal to a different world.

I think someone posted a video / gif of this recently, but I can’t recall which forum topic it was in. Does anyone have a link to it?

Further up this thread? Video from majorvex is in the third answer, 12th has the gif and an other video @vdragon

Ah yes, thanks, it was indeed that one from @Pfiffel. I’ll add this to the bug database.

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