Guild switch and update loop bug

Everytime my guild buffs end they keep cycling between on and off until I return to sanctum.
I only have one guild, my primary.
Like this →
Buffs keep turning off and on during game play Support
Possibly related to this →

Long standing bug, and the solution is indeed log off and back on again.

Is it the same as this? Many example videos of it happening in there

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Thanks for linking, lets gather em all together. If anyone knows something that might be related, examples of the guild feature misbehaving please link.
This will help narrow down the issue.

Mines slightly different. I’m in more than one guild and buffs will have days left before expiration. But turn off when walking thru a portal to a different planet if they are on and will turn back on when I go to the next planet. Also my guild tag switches. Fun bug. Also I’ve heard it affects a few other people than just myself but still no word if it’ll ever be fixed.