Guild keeps switching on me


My guild tag keeps switching on me and I haven’t switched guilds in a few weeks. It’ll switch from Iconic to AquaMall-G 1 while I’m playing randomly. Then back to Iconic. I have the buffs when in Iconic but no buffs when in the other. Going to see if closing the game will fix it and report back

Guild switch and update loop bug
Guild switch and update loop bug

I was there to witness this as well. It switched suddenly.


It did not fix it. I have a video of it. I just gotta figure out how to get it off my ps4 lol


Uhh… Record it with your cellphone?


Buffs on

Walk thru portal buffs off

Walk back thru portal buffs back on


Just have to say that is one sexy portal hub!



Any word on this @vdragon or @james I just submitted a game log right after it happened right now.


Thats the game forcing you to be an icon. It must feel you are someone special.


Nice try Orrian, the game was taking Icon away from him.


Yea sadly it won’t let me stay icon


Well well. What does that tell us then.


Maybe leave guild and rejoin?


Then he would loss his buffs entirely for entire week. Maybe the problem should just be fixed…


I’d completely lose buffs. This way I get to keep buffs when it sets me back to icon. Lol


Thought switching made you lose the buffs anyways. It is keeping the buffs? Strange.


Yea it’s letting me keep them when I go back to icon. I’m not switching them myself tho. The game does it on its own. @Ratchel saw it happen right in front of him while I was kneeling to go to sanctum


Yep one second it was Icon guild tag with buffs, then noticed it was AM-GI with no buffs, @FireAngelDth then went to sanctum and when came back had the Icon tag back with buffs.


Could someone in the AM-G1 guild be moving you around to different factions?


No. It’s the only one. And it happens every time I go to a new planet. If I stay on the planet with buffs and travel thru portals that stay on the planet I still am in the same guild.


Sounds similar to this forum topic?