Guild keeps switching on me


Not at all. I haven’t switched my guild at all for weeks. Every time I walk thru a portal going to a different planet my guild switches. And I keep the active buffs every time I’m in iconic.

I’ve sent at least 3 game logs today with the same name as my forum name.


Hopefully you guys can look into this soon. It’s really annoying to try and get the buffs on the planets I need them on.

You guys get a chance to look at the logs that I submitted on this?


Hopefully this gets fixed soon for everyone that is having the issue.


I haven’t been able to reproduce this so far. Could you give it another go after the update is live?


Yea. But if you’re in game you can see it happen right in front of you if you’d like


@vdragon still an issue


Maybe both of you can meet to see the issue. I was able to see it switch when we were working on the hub.


I could come and take a look. If you can tell me the best way to get to where you are from Sochaltin I, that would be great.


Hmmm i can meet you at lakes place on that planet


Okay, then I’ll go to somewhere on Lake.


@FireAngelDth Did you and the developer finally get to meet after the patch was stable? To see that your guild tag changes and buffs disappearing?


Yea met right after servers came back up. A software engineer will have to look at it since it’s not reproducible by other people.

Makes me wonder what I broke


Any news on this?


I’m pretty sure I even saw this happen to someone yesturday but when I followed then through the portal they were gone.


It’s been added to the bug database, but there’s no further update on this at present.


The forums just got attacked by an evil smiley face . @vdragon


@vdragon anything come of this? Didn’t see anything about it in current testing and haven’t seen an update about the issue.


If it’s not listed on the release notes, then there’s no further update on this at the moment.


So still no fix for this huh?


Would be nice to see this fixed. Seems an important bug.