Guild keeps switching on me


The issue is that we can’t find a way to actually reproduce it at all… once we can find a way to reliably reproduce it it’ll be much easier to debug and fix.


I’m getting this too! I thought it was just some form of functionality that i wasn’t aware of.
I noticed it first on my crafter alt. Whenever i portaled between Lutrion and Lasagna, my buffs would change from my Aussie ones to my PS ones.
This started happening after i changed my primary guild to Aussie.


Just join…repear trails are open


Wasn’t it witnessed by a developer first hand? I don’t know code or anything like that so I’m just guessing but wouldn’t that data have shown somewhere at that point in time?


Can’t ya talk to @FireAngelDth and log in his account to test it with his concent


Have you looked at when the system does the check for the players guild and buffs?
Seems it checks when switching servers, is something at that code part that could pick the wrong index from the players list? Alternitavely it could update the players guild like how a manual switch is done for some reason after the correct one was already selected.

Try resetting FireAngelDth’s guild indices to off or delete all with his permission if it’s a one player only thing, to get rid of the possibility that a double index or something has creeped into the data.

Just a few ideas.
Good luck with this, I am sure you ll figure it out at some point :3

edit: hypotecially I would believe that the primary guild flag is the culprit actually


Fun extra fact.
I just left 1 of my guilds. However, my buffs still switch to that guild when i switch realms.

And this is now showing on those realms.


Thanks for testing that.


If anyone is having this issue, the issue appears to be a corruption of the guild data on specific characters that means the character has more than 1 primary guild and it just does not handle that internally well.

A short-term fix before the proper fix to the data/code is ready (may not be in the short term…) should be to “leave” one of the affected guilds, and then rejoin it after which should clear the bad state out, just changing your primary guild wouldnt stop the bad behaviour.

Aka for @FireAngelDth, leaving Iconic guild then rejoining it after should stop it flip-flopping back to it again (or leave the other guild, whichever you dont want to actually be your primary).


So that’s how I fix my lighting issues! Thanks. Would have never thought thats what was causing it.

Errr wait guild issues not lighting. My bad.