Bug: Atlas resource map keeps going blank


Edited post:

The atlas resource map keeps disappearing intermittently.

Here’s an image of the blank atlas not showing plants directly in front of the player.


And another player reporting the same issue



What did resource page say


I saw two dots only not long after the update on Besev. I assumed someone had cleared the surface of it just before.


Didn’t even think to check, but I wouldn’t have any numbers to compare it to. 0.02% seems awfully low, it’s bottom of the list with Glowing Lamella at 0.04%

Edit: Looks like it was possibly just a bug loading the resource map. After switching characters a few times the dots seems to have loaded again. Could also just be possible someone is strip mining mushrooms now they’re accurate :smiley:


I reckon they all just got harvested… i went to find some about 2 hours ago and there were a few on the map, but there was a few other people who cleared them out before i could get there. Ended up finding 2 in about half an hour, and then there was no more showing on my atlas


Been farming a bit, then headed to a different large patch of the plants on the Atlas, when I got close to them, the entire atlas went “blank” from that resource… but right in front of me, the resource patch was still there. Waited past 5+mins, complete blank from that resource still, I can take a DIFFERENT resource and drop into the atlas and it will show them, but still shows blank for the initial tracked resource.


Another user has also reported the same problem on Discord so it seems to be an intermittent and reoccurring issue


I had exactly the same problem yesterday evening, not tried today. Shimmering orbs showed up on the atlas at first, then they completely disappeared.


This is still one of the main reasons i have nearly stopped playing.

The rarity of extremely commonly used crafting items is so bad that they dont even show up on an atlas anymore since the atlas update and if they do they are gone in minutes because someone is already out there harvesting them…
These things need to be EVERYWHERE and i mean on every planet.


I would disagree. They’re only used in current end game brews, food and forges. They don’t need to be everywhere and easy to get, if you only need a few for yourself then you can get enough, if you’re making things to sell then take part in the economy and buy them


I think they should not be so rare that on a given day none are available to someone willing to go out and get them. They do not have to be easy and might require traveling to the correct planet/biome, but they should be available. You punish the players that are not able to play 24 hours a day and jump on a resource as soon as it respawns.

Setting up the game’s resource availability to favor hardcore over casual players is not a good idea in my opinion. The person able to play longer will always have certain advantages but to make it so a casual player always has to buy resources is what I think is bad.

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You only need 18 to make a mass craft of something. There’s four different planets you can go to for a decent amount of shimmering orbs of you can farm growth on a T4 if you can’t reach T5+ yet (although you probably shouldn’t be doing end game crafting if you cant).

I’ve never looked at the atlas and not been able to run around a planet to pick up 18. (Not including this bug, the resources are there they’re just not showing)


the issue is, look how many recipes require them.
there are very few things I desire to craft (or even sell) and ALL OF THEM.
require shimmering orbs.

they NEED to be more abundant.


Well would be nice with more Shimmering orbs out there… but I have yet to try looking for them after the latest update before I can join the +1 on wanting more of them, as you can see from my picture, it is locked on Exotic Earthyam, and it has gone complete dark, no nodes shown… but right in front of me there are 2. So the atlas is rather buggy after patch, still bugged 1h later, complete dark planet. And no, it is not all farmed… as there are TWO right in front of me.


It’s the next economy progression from gems! This resource and it’s products will sore in price next. Yes it shouldn’t be so rare, it’s a very important resource!

We need to be able to grow and farm them!


I’d just like to take a moment to point out that this conversation is totally off topic.

The issue in this thread is that the Atlas resource map keeps dissapearing, make a new thread for issues with shimmering orbs rarity please.

I’ve updated the OP to make it clearer the issue being pointed out.

@vdragon If you skipped over the thread previously, come take another look please :smiley:


It’s disappearing because it’s being harvested. I was there last night and got 10 orbs. With the latest update the Atlas does update immediately after they’re harvested.


No, it’s not. Please look at the OP and you’ll see an image where someone is standing next to resources with no blue dots showing. That image was posted by another player and myself and at least one other person have both confirmed this bug.


Ohh… sorry works fine for me. I can find them them and they disappear after harvested.


It works fine most of the time. But there’s intermittent outages, at least for some players, where the blue dots just disappear for several minutes at a time before returning.