Bug: chisel does not chisel correctly? (plus small torch bug)

I was finally playing around with the new slopes and it seems as if the chisel doesn’t like some of the things I want to do.
In the picture below you see on the right what I want to replicate and on the left the blocks, the chisel thinks you can not reduce more.
If you remove one of the middel row blocks then you can shape the other as you’d expect. It just prevents you from shaping them while both are placed.
Is this intended or a bug?

I also found a little hitbox bug with the torch on a slope. Not sure if that was already reported.

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Torch hitbox ‘floating’ on slopes is a known thing.

I was attempting a helix-esque look with saddle slopes stacked atop one another and the chisel wouldn’t allow me to do it.

known like everyone knows it or known like someone has already filled a bugreport?^^
And how long is this bug around if it’s a known thing?

Known as in it has been around since we were playing Oort Online in web browsers at ga.me last year and I’m certain it has been mentioned at least once, though when and where I honestly cannot remember.

Now that you mention it, I remember seeing something about it on the old forum.
I wonder why they didn’t fix it.

Maybe because its not a bug? i dont know how it works but it would kinda make sense for the smoke to have a hitbox so it cant just clip through everything wouldnt it?

But it’s the hitbox of the torch, you can’t destroy the torch directly you have to hit the hitbox above the torch.

huh… yeah that is defininitely odd.

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The chisel can only hit the top of a block if its top face is exposed to the air and can only hit the bottom block if its bottom face is exposed to the air. The reason for this restriction is that we wanted to stop the chisel being used to dig into walls since it instantly damages the block, unlike all the other tools. It also makes the chisel a lot easier to think about since you are always knocking out a bit upwards or downwards.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean. There’s no possible constellation of shapes a player could fit throug or is there?
So the hole in a wall would be limited to the distance a chisel can reach.
So is it more to prevent griefer from making holes into a wall? And if that’s the reason, wouldn’t it be better to just decrease the reach of the chisel?

edit: I just found a formation that would allow diagonal digging with the chisel. But still it’s a little bit frustrating to build structures layer by layer like the one i showed above. Sadly, I just can’t think of a solution.

The torch hitbox is currently floating because in the block world that is where the torch is (above the slope) since each block has enough space for only 1 blocktype, 1 color and 1 liquid type we can’t put the torch into the same block as the slope. However, this is a bug, we need to detect this case and offset the hitbox onto the slopes surface.

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The player can fit through 4 wedges like this vertically:

They can’t fit through the same gap horizontally though you’r right.

The other problem of making it easier to think about is perhaps a better argument. If I have the following set of blocks:

And I click what should happen? At the moment (without the ability to dig into walls) you get this:

If you could dig walls we end up with this:

Which I think is wrong. Most people would want the first result.

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But you can chose if you want to edit all adjacent vertices or just one with left/right click. So you wouldn’t have the problem that you’d edit to much on one go if you don’t want to.
Although that doesn’t solve the digging problem.

Another question: Will you change the way we make slopes again or is this almost what you wanted from the start?^^

Hmm… what about a way to unslope blocks? as kuro said if possibly we can get enough control to only click 1 block/slope at a time then it would not be too bad, the system is really cool but i think the chisel might end up feeling clunky if you can only cut where there is air, then again i dont build much so i couldnt say.

How does the sloping actually work? what would be necessary to revert the block to the previous state and would that even be possible? like if you make a wrong slope you can kinda ‘‘fill it out’’ again instead of having to replace the entire block?

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Yea that was another thing I noticed. I’d love to not have to replace all the wrong slopes all the time with a new block to start over^^ But I’m sure that’s something they’re working on too.

Played around some more^^ And I understand why you block some things with the chisel there are things (most likely byproducts of this blocking) that do not make any sense. For example, that I can not change this slope anymore. I mean it’s not like there wouldn’t be enough space around it. But the game thinks it’s a wall I should not edit.

(note: on top of this upside down slope is an edge piece, like on the lower ones)

Also the block placement on the sides of slopes is weird. Might be directional. But I don’t have time to test more atm. I’ll update it later if I know more^^

Edit: did you change something? now it works xD

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Yeah I think that’s a bug. Need to think about that edge case a bit. Work around at the moment (which you might have done by mistake) instead of clicking that vertex click the vertex above and closer to you. You will get the same shape as that vertex is not “covered” but is another route to an inverted low corner shape.

I thought that diamond was sticking out for a sec there.

I clicked all the vertices before I posted it here^^ I don’t know why it didn’t work the first time. But yea I did exactly what you described.

I encountered the same problem when I was making a prefab. Cannot change this corner (in sight) to get a downside triangle slope.