[BUG] Gathering Epic tooltip not up-to-date

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As you can see below, the tooltip text hasn’t been updated since the change that allows the skill to allow picking up seam-type blocks too. People who haven’t read the forums or heard about the change may be unaware that the epic is all that’s required to collect some seams with a shovel. :thinking:

Should probably replace the “and” with a comma between “Boulders and Fungus” and then add in “and Ore Seams” ahead, or something to that effect?



That’s a very good point, yeah!

Also, does it really increases the drop chance? Like, say you hit a Glowing fungus, does it really increases by 200% the chance to get a shimmering orb?
'cause I’ve never really noticed an actual change myself. :man_shrugging:


My following post is off-topic from the actual bug report, but I think this is really important to discuss, actually…

From my testing, this is a sort of simple explanation of how it seems to work:

Putting points in Luck improves the maximum yield of a resource, up to a certain hard limit; for ores, this hard limit is defined by planet tier (and environment?). This is why you never see more than 2 ore per copper ore seam on a low tier planet, but on some higher tier planets it can always give 3 ore per seam or even 4 sometimes.

The way it seems to work for plants and loose boulders is that there is also a hard limit, independent of planet tier as far as I can tell. This is why you should go harvest desert swords on the lowest tier planets but gather copper on the higher tiers if possible. For plants, having the gathering epic seems to mean that you always get the hard cap amount over X amount of time, as opposed to the the slightly lower cap you’d be reaching for over X item with only Luck.

Compare here, the difference between having Luck maxed and then ticking or unticking the gathering epic option:


To be honest, I noticed these things from my own gameplay experience during mid-game progression quite a long time ago now, and this has been one of my pet peeves with the game for some time. Mostly because the game does not inform you about these caps or how they work.

I haven’t brought this up much publicly, and perhaps that has been a mistake considering how I myself feel about it. I think this topic is a bit of an underdog and deserves more discussion – this reply could be moved to a new/separate discussion if it makes sense to start talking more about this.

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Jiivita speaks about some testing he did on this in that thread too.

This description has been incomplete for a long time.


Yeah, it’s absolutely not off-topic, if even the “+200% drop rate” is missleading!
I don’t even see the point of putting a cap, IF there are ways to increase the drop chance which quickly makes you hit that cap…
The cap should be removed, plain and simple.

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I’ve been wondering this a lot, too, since I noticed I don’t get as many shadow orbs as drop bonus + luck technically should.
Plus the tooltip has been bugging me as well, since the recent patch where the skill was changed.

I agree there should be a benefit to harvesting plants on a t6.


The consistent drop rate makes sense when you consider that you can pick them up on t1 and then move them to T6 to mass harvest them.

On a related note during the recent event I noticed a consistent increase in drop rate doing this. On any tier planet.

It seems like when you AoE a bunch of plants in one shot you have a higher probability that some of them will drop the max amount. OFC that’s subject to the same biases as any RNG driven experience but it did seem pretty stable after directly harvesting thousands of plants and then relocating/AoEing a couple thousand as well.

Thanks for bringing this up. I’ll pass this along for someone to take a look at it.


I found this out on my own quite a long time ago (before we even met, incidentally) but I thought this was well-known about by now, to be honest. Either way, it never seemed right to me that there was indeed an increase; why can’t doing the activity on its own be just as rewarding?

On that note:

Yes, this does make sense as the reason, it is what I figured too… But as far as I’ve tested so far, the same does not apply to the new dug-up-type ore seams.

I brought back from Kol Huroo [t6], to Antar VI [t2], several coal seams and then checked here what the expected values for a T2 should be. I did the reverse, that is, taking low tier ores to a higher tier location because I wanted other seams from there anyway.

I confirmed that breaking T6 ores on a T2 gave the appropriate/expected amount of coal for a T2 even with all the maxed stats.

So then why (I think I understand why but humour the question) aren’t ores just all capped at the same values across all worlds, just as plants are? I mean, I could bring Copper Ore from Antar VI (drops 2 at most but there are tons of seams) to any T5 and then get 3-4 ore consistently…

I personally wouldn’t bother doing this because it’s a bit of a pain and just not that much fun to do, and there’s other things to mine on high tiers anyway, but harvesting a truckload of low-tier metal ores and taking them to a high tier for the better drops wouldn’t be difficult with a decent AoE shovel that just eats through low-tier rock anyway, then smashing them with an appropriate hammer on the high tier…

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I think it’s to do with the fact that there’s o much more of everything to be mined at t5/6 that it doesn’t matter, to be honest.

In the realm of plants and fungus there are high tier variants with better drop rates, and if you wanted to gather them up and bring them to low levels you also see the increased drop rates for your effort, where seams don’t really have that.

If they had been gatherable in the beginning maybe there would be more or different types. Since the question ever existed before it wasn’t something I thought about, however thinking about it now I can’t imagine wanting to do it.

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