Bug or just me?

First of all no my internet isn’t fixed but got so bored and itchy to build more im just accepting the “drop outs”.

Now what i am seeing is color shifting from light to dark and back in the (night) sky.
Again that can be my connection but as i walk around chiseling stuff i see the sky shift from dark blue to a “foggy” light blue. So I’m wondering if that is just me?

Not game breaking just a notice (ha there it happened again :wink:).

Have been getting weird sky colour shifts since sovereigns released but only happens occasionally and too lazy to troubleshoot (only went so far as to verify file integrity via steam.).
My issue resolves itself by looking at the ground then back up at the sky which then returns to normal colour.

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It just “flicks” between both while walking around (random) with my nose pointed to the sky. Can’t say “since” because I don’t know just noticed it in the past few days on the PS4.

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woah…did you guys just prove boundless is the real matrix?

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Yeah I’ve been noticing some flickering of the sky colour/lighting as well. Also been noticing more weird polygon stretching into the sky in the distance.