Colour aberrations and game freezing

Two for the price of one.

fyi have submitted an in-game log of the game freezing but wondering if anyone else has encountered same problem and/or has suggestions for troubleshooting.

most recent (started yesterday) and more serious issue is game keeps freezing after 10-15 mins of game play.
comes up game not responding and only option is to quit the game.

second issue is this
starts like this:

and ends in sky going completely black. Having my toon look down at the ground and back up resets the sky to normal and cycle begins again.

Have had this to a lesser degree since sovereign launch but unfortunately mentioned it not being so bad in this thread so next day it got a lot worse :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

troubleshooting so far:
uninstalled latest nvidia driver and installed previous one (have a 1070).
uninstalled game and reinstalled on different drive
double checked all graphic and game settings at default.
all temps are fine (under 60c)
all hardware is seated firmly and correctly
other games run fine
haven’t installed any new pc hardware for a few months

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I’ve had something kind of like this before, but not with Boundless.

Most games were completely normal, but there was a couple of games (ESO was the primary one where the skybox just used to go crazy) over a short period of playtime. The problems got worse over a period of a few weeks, then one day my graphics card just full-on died.

I likewise hadn’t noticed any major problems (temp etc).

Hope it’s not that though.


had been intending to replace my ol’ 1070 (maybe it found out and has taken offence…) but finding a 3070 or 3080 at a sensible price will be kinda tough until next year :sweat_smile:
my switch might see some use after all!

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I definitely haven’t seen this one before.

Looks kind of like overheating/dying graphics card? If your graphics card has its own fan, make sure it’s actually spinning for starters.

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Looks like you should try some 3d glasses!

Maybe you turned on the game’s hidden 3d mode…


yeah, graphic card temps was first thingy on my suspect list but temps fine (tested inside case) and fans etc working tickety-boo. Other parts of it could be dying though :man_shrugging:
don’t have another graphics card to test though…might have to get a cheapy on amazon (gotta love their return policy :+1:)

RIP graphics card is my diagnosis lol

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Bake the graphics card in the oven.
That’s how I resurrected my SSD.


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well I put it through the dishwasher to clear any dust and tossed it in the microwave to dry off but no improvement.


Well, I was serious - usually these issues appear due to cold solder joints - which can be fixed by exposing the electronics to high temperature for short time. The solder on chips will also “reflow”.
Search “bake GPU” to see how it is done. I really fixed my SSD (although I had to replace it - NAND is damaged due to high temperatures but it was enough to recover the data - now the SSD works but at very low read/write speeds - hence replaced it after I extracted the data)

ps. Over clockers clean vaseline (used to protect from condensation during overclocking) from mainboards by using the dishwasher (no chemicals though). The microwave would destroy your electronics.

pps some links,and%20bake%20for%2010%20minutes.


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What I can’t believe either of those are a thing. That’s awesome and you are a brave soul.

Worth a shot, right? Your computer doesn’t have integrated intel graphics?

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Hmm :thinking: this guy makes it sound like a bad idea. No idea if he’s right but he sounds pretty knowledgable. Most of these issues I would say “eh worth a shot” but the solder in the oven is a good point, don’t want to contaminate your oven.

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Well, for me it was a choice:

  • 1000 EUR for data recovery or try baking it. I saved 1000 EUR :slight_smile:

Your link is very good.



Yeah it was a good read, decent comments too

I’m not sure why the guy on Reddit thinks a heat gun wouldn’t work. My heat gun goes up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit, and it’s not even that fancy of a heat gun.

@catfud One thing worth doing as a test (and I suppose technically a “fix”) would be to take the case off your computer, point a few room fans at your graphics card, and try playing.

You could also try turning all boundless settings to low, resolution to low, and try playing.

See if either of those fix the issue (just to diagnose the problem, not as a long term fix)

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well, didn’t expect that to be actually a thing, but as a last, low-cost, resort to recover data then cool stuff. talking about cool stuff, I remember sticking hard drives in the freezer for similarly purposes and, off on a tangent, using a pencil to overclock a cpu back in the long distant past.

That’s a no and no (though I do have a reasonably fast intel chip server which does)
I think my enthusiasm for troubleshooting/repairing has waned over the years though…had to try straightening some cpu pins earlier this year but ended up just buying a new one…getting old and impatient :grin:


I will try those

moved to topic to general as while I needed support, it wasn’t dev support.

stuck a 140mm fan under my card (thanks @DKPuncherello :+1:) and problems have greatly decreased, so I guess some overheating going on parts surrounding the gpu.
Have some thermal pads and mini heatsinks so might muck about at some point but will probably just stick another fan down there while I continue my search for a 30 series (lol).

I do blame the dev’s somewhat for having my card wearing out as they created an amazing game I play far too much…hmmmm, might have to go “borrow” one of their workstations…east grinstead is only a couple of hours drive away :wink:


Nice, glad it worked m8!

Here’s what I’m curious about. Why does it produce that specific pattern of graphical glitching, only affecting the right side of the background?

My guess is boundless renders the foreground first, so it doesn’t get corrupted. Then it does the background in RGB order, rendering starting from the top left, so by the time it gets to the bottom right of the background it’s dropping calculations due to overheating. Then after rendering the frame it has a short rest, due to fixed frame rates, and cools off a bit before the next frame gets rendered, so the foreground remains un-glitched. Eventually heat builds up and the game exits.

@lucadeltodecso how did I do?

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finally, 7 months later…

woot woot :grinning:

my old 1070 had hung in there, just about, with the extra cooling n’ stuff but nice to upgrade finally.