Bug Report: Auto Striking

Hey guys, I have no idea how to report a bug cause I’m not very familiar with the forums so I’ll just make a thread here. Anyway, just view the video for more details. First I thought there was problem with my mouse so I unplugged it but the issue still occurs even when I switched from window to full screen.

PS: Sorry for the low quality video

Doesn’t look like it thought te mouse was down or it’d be constantly striking. Was it actually dealing damage to things or just animating the strike?

I’ve seen this, too–mostly in earlier versions–but I’d portal into a world, and regardless of whether or not I was pressing the left mouse button, the client was auto-repeating hits on whatever was within range. Usually just hitting the mouse button again resolved it. I never tried unplugging the mouse (because I can’t reach the back of the tower from where I sit). I haven’t seen this in the last two releases, though.

Experienced the same bug many times.
Alt-Tabbing out&in the game always fixed it for me.

@lucadeltodecso, in my case it was dealing damage.

I’ve had the same issue - though, usually for me it’s down to network lag due to bad wifi connection where I am.

Either hitting the mouse button again when the network is back, or waiting for the game to register that the network is back is enough to resolve it.

Yes, that issue of going through a portal/teleporting was different and was the game actually thinking your mouse was down so that you could simply click the mouse and it’d stop again. That is different than this bug report where the hammer is seen animating, but it is doing so sporadically which means the game isn’t thinking the mouse is down and is likely in the animation systems instead mistakingly animating the hammer when it shouldn’t be.

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