Builders-Block: I am in dire need of ideas for a build!

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I plan on breaking ground on my first large scale build this week, but i’m stuck without ideas for certain aspects… so i am reaching out to the community for suggestions and ideas to help me get started!

I’ve always fancied myself a decent builder. I wished that i had saved some screenshots to show my previous work, but unfortunately i never really do. I’ve built many different structures in many different games, and my builds ranged from tiny to grand-scale. You may hear about writers having writers-block, and well… i currently have builders-block.

My thoughts

What i don’t know:

  1. Theme
  2. Color scheme
  3. Location (i might have location, 50/50 chance, won’t say anything till i know for sure, but even this is subject to change)
  4. Purpose ( it will not be a shop i do know that at least)

What i do know:

  1. it’s scale (it has to be massive, the main reason behind this idea can be found at #7)
  2. it will be a single connected structure and not a multi-building town or city (by this i mean physically and not it’s status as a settlement, 1 large build)
  3. It will have a few portals connecting to various places (It will not be a network there are enough networks already)
  4. It will be very tall (so that we may be closer to the oortian gods)
  5. It will not be a medieval theme (this use to be my main build style starting out back in the day, but it is played out and tired IMO)
  6. It will not be about becoming the capital (If it becomes the capital then fine, so be it, but that’s not what this build is going to be about)
  7. It will have impact (it must be a beacon of creative inspiration for all who gaze upon it)
  8. It will be detailed (plain is boring)

I understand that #7 is a bit ironic considering creative inspiration is what i really need right now… :crazy_face:

I welcome all thoughts and ideas… please do not hold back. When it comes to building in a game, there is no such thing as a dumb idea (IMO).


  1. Sci-fi tower w/ sleek curves
  2. Something to fit Oortian lore
  3. Oortian origin ship (embedded nose first)
  4. Oortian style house (designs not of earth origin)

Planned Projects__________________Status
Steampunk Airship------------------ 0% - Concept stage
La Mancha Bank------------------- 12% - Construction stage
Elop Portas TBD--------------------- 0% - Concept stage


I would love it if somebody would build a gigantic steam punk airship in our city. :grin:


I think a Large Sci-fi tower that reaches the height limit, with sleek curves (as sleek as the game allows)


I’m not a builder yet. I do like the idea, but, I have not tried as far as skill much. I do admire some things people build. Other things I avoid as they are just eyesores to me (mostly things that float in the air, things too tall, and things with lots of light to destroy the view of others with for many kilometers in every direction. So, what do I like? Well, one town I have a home in on Vulpto (not built by me but a good builder @Rumplypigskin ) has a theme for the town that is based on Whiterun in Skyrim. I think anything based on some of the famous places in better games would be cool. Whiterun is cool because Skyrim has a sort of wilderness feel to the area and so isn’t skyscrapers and electrical doodads. Similarly, on Septergon I think is a cool city that is wooden builds I love mostly. I ran into a place in my travels admiring that seemed like log cabin type structures. I have come across some amazing religious places of various religions (think of one that fits the Oortian religion?). The big duck I think is awesome as it’s a giant statue! @Cookviper 's idea of a Steam Punk whatever would be awesome. One that you could be creative I think that would be fun is a pirate ship or something like that. Not just any pirate ship though, one abandoned in what is now desert and an Oortian pirate ship or perhaps The Ancients left it eons ago? Something though that is not like on earth. Pretty much anything that fits the lore of Oortians or The Ancients works. Maybe a giant airport or aircraft carrier left by The Ancients? If you really want to go high and use lots of colors then perhaps a giant hot air balloon? A sort of museum of creatures found in Boundless with statues of the various creatures? I saw an interesting museum once I spent a long time wandering around in since it was huge. I loved that place! Oh, something simple in the capital of Therka. Down near all the portals is a pretty inn. Some larg inn like Swiss, French, Italian or whatever type? There’s tons of possibilities. Hope I helped inspire some sort of idea.


You want a large single build that’s detailed, tall, and brings oortian inspiration?

"With them being portal discovering advanced its conceivable that they were a space faring race. At some point, something went wrong and one of their carriers / pathfinding vessels crash landed nose first into a planet.

This vessel was equipped to settle an entire galaxy - stasis pods, reactor, living quarters, advanced command and control center, portals to bridge the stars…

These have since decayed to a shadow of their former glory but evidence of their technological mastery remains. The ship, vertically towering into the sky and planted nose first into the planet has been repurposed by the idigenous life forms who have settled indide its protective shell."

This would be a bit challenging as the structure would have to be built sideways - while still having enough areas / walkways / exposed hull to move about it horizontally. Of course the locals would build platforms etc to get about, but that could be visually difderent in style and material from the original superstructure


I would love to build a giant steampunk ship for your city even if its separate from the topic build. I’ve never built in steampunk style before, but i’m very familiar with the style and genre in general.
I would need a bit more information if i were to get started:
How gigantic? (in terms of plot length and height)
Location? (would you want it directly over the city? or looking like its headed toward the city?)
Action? (is the ship hovering? is it docked to a tower?)
Utility? ( what is the ships function? passenger, military, cargo?)
I would love to talk to you more about this soon, i’m intrigued!

Sci-fi w/sleek curves can definitely be added to the idea pool.

This will also be added to the idea pool, i’m not opposed to building something that could fit into lore.

This would make for a truly epic build, i would not mind undertaking this at all. However, i would like to wait for more props and stuff to roll out before i attempt this build. I’m not saying it would be impossible now, but maybe more probable in the future. I will definitely save this idea in the pool, but i do find it interesting that this build would combine the previous 2 quoted ideas perfectly.


yep not sure what has me more excited, decoratives or the forge… Oh yeah now i remember, climbable blocks :wink:


Hello. Some time ago I though about a concept for a house, but I’ve never executed it. It’s kind of weird and poorly drawn… anyway, here it is:


I’m completely open for however you’d like to go about it. I would want you to build it in a way that suits you best and gets you most excited about it. There is no wrong way as long as it fits in with the city. I Think a giant ship that’s hovering roof level with the buildings on the water would be insanely awesome. But feel free to explore the city cuz there’s many excellent spots an air ship would fit in. And go as big as you’d like. :grin:


Yeah man, i will for sure go check out your town and the possible locations for the ship today. I already have a bunch of ideas floating in my noggin on how i can go about certain aspects.


We can always convert a building to have a dock as well, if need be.


That looks interesting, kind of makes me think of an Oortian version of the Mesa Verde cliff dwellings. If you have never heard of the cliff dwellings you should check them out.
I think this house would make sense and could even be fit into Oortian lore. When i imagine an Oort house i think it would look like something i’ve never seen before… and this fits the bill.

Added to the idea pool


I’ll hop on in a bit and check it all out.


For location I got the right side of this city wide open(working hard on keeping it active and useful) the style of the city is fantasy, Viking style structures with ancient trunks as roofs, dark or light lustrous wood as frame and different types of panels also wood.
The foundations are meta stone and wood floors are refine lustrous.

If that’s your style I can always offer that area for a medium or large build.


One thing you should know though is @KKBell and I are not available to play near as often as we’d like and there hasn’t been much interest from other players to build in our city so needless to say it’s usually pretty quiet and empty. We’ve accepted this because we’re not on very often but I think it’s deterred many players from joining. So no hard feelings if you’d like to build in a more populated and busy area. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow @Rumplypigskin your city is amazing :heart_eyes:. Nicely done man. I need to come give it a good exploring sometime.


I share the same sentiment as @Cookviper, your city is very well laid out and i would love to come check it out. I would not mind building something fit to the theme in your town, however, i’m not sure what i could build that would be large enough to fit that space. The only buildings i can think of that could be that large and still fit the theme would be like an arena/fighters pit or a guild hall.

A stave church or a building like it could fit the space and theme, they were built by Norse after they converted to christianity. Some still exist like the one below.


I remember stumbling across your city before and being in awe. It saddens me to hear of the inactivity, but that would not deter me from building for it.


I have all of those but you’re welcome to make more. What I don’t have is a community bank, if you want to help me design a royal Bank of La Mancha i would really appreciate it.

Idea 2

I wanted to make a underworld, a city under my city(you can pick the theme)

Idea 3

Grappler course, this has been an idea for a long time but due to time constraints I cannot make it happen.

Idea 4

A race track, I have a race track in mind. Scrap an old idea and I found a better way to do it. Is right besides my spleef arena but I’ll have to move it.


hi there. elop portas may be a good fit for you :smirk_cat:

Elop Portas

Apr '173
Hello and welcome to Elop Portas. The first city with flowing water. Hoping to incorporate water into your build? This is the city for you! Simply build next to the road and we will connect you with water.
The theme for this city is Mystic, Ancient, Lost gardens and Ruins with an emphasis on medium and large builds.
The word Elop Portas translates into the doors. We would like to see portals to truly interesting places threw out this city of doors.

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This spot is reserved for a truly massive and unique build. Whoever moves here should think big!

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With access To pixle gate threw @Dzchan94 's ort temple hub You are truly living right next to each world.

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I would like to offer a speshal thanks to our build team @EnisledLady, @Xanotos, and @Scratchnwiff!! None of this would be possible without you guys!

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Want to help build this city? We are looking for regulars on this forum to build and maintain road and aqueduct plots. If you are interested contact @Xanotos or I.
Bonus points for the person who builds a flooded dungeon.