Builders-Block: I am in dire need of ideas for a build!

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I went into this topic thinking about making one massive build, now i am absolutely determined to make multiple massive builds. I have my work cut out for me. but i very much look forward to building for @Cookviper, @Rumplypigskin, and @Jeffrotheswell. I will be in contact with you 3 very soon about these builds.

I’m going to start drafting plans and potential designs by putting pen to paper and using magicavoxel.

I will add a Projects list to the OP, so that i can keep track of the progress of these projects.

Please keep the ideas coming… they have helped inspire me tremendously!

This is exciting stuff to say the least!


lol thats the exact one i based my main’s town hall on!


Would love to see something new in town! Might spark my imagination again. Though my time has been limited lately I’m planning a resurgence soon. Looking forward to seeing you round!


When you get the chance, I’d be glad to have you take a look at Lightning Cathedral on Epsilo. You can reach it through a portal in The Hive, and you can reach The Hive through… a lot of places.

It’s not quite finished yet, but a couple of parts of it are definitely nearing completion… and it basically fits into all the criteria you presented in your wish list.

If you have trouble finding it, just add me on Steam (“Jorrrrrn”) and I can show you the way there.


I’m wondering about some combination of some of these ideas. Definitely try to figure out something that looks good in an “Oortian” style of building, and do a bit of a sci-fi tower build as well. Since we assume that all the planets have a roughly Earth equivalent gravity it should be wider at the base to show a certain amount of stability. But to make it tall and grand and epic I’d say to head towards that ship idea in that you should make it look like a place that could be occupied (in as much as we can without props). Maybe if we assume that they have developed a certain level of space travel they’ve certainly developed aerial transit and would have landing pads which could just as easily serve as large balconies. Smaller rooms and “poor” living and workshop space in that broad base, then working up to bigger “homes” both in terms of width and height. Grand cathedral ceilings opening out onto those balconies etc. And at the pinnacle should be a grand penthouse of some kind, maybe ringed with a spoked torus/wheel like @PendragonTheNinja had over PixelGate.


heres the inside



But like… actually finished. and better. XD


Hi, thought I’d send you a drawing I started a short while ago after reading your post. I believe it won’t become more detailed. Anyhow, maybe you’ll find shapes or ideas in it which you like. Ancient flying temple ruins or similar :slight_smile:


If I am out of inspiration I will typically turn to Google’s Images…
Just google some random topics
World Wonders
Sky Scrapers
Cool Buildings

and typically something will jump out at me in the pictures…


Hi @Deadfinger you can have my idea if you like i wont be able to return properly for awhile as im still waiting on my graphics card to be repaired.
I was thinking cosmic themed casino / hotel plaza hope it helps, i havnt seen anyone build a casino in game yet :smile:


Oh if these two get together you can bet there would be a casino popping up


isnt this where the gorillaz live?


You mean a zoo?


lol made mistake its not gorillaz

its daft punk that lives there


:blush: Interesting. Yes the drawing might look a little futuresque and odd. After all it’s just a quickly made mashup of shapes I personally like. Symmetry - Not really my strength.
I think it’s cool you relate it to a music video. :wink: The aerodynamic front part, especially, might also fit the title :slight_smile: Thanks that you took the time to sort this out :smiley:
I love all the medieval concepts and ideas here in the forum. Karko’s vanishing tower for example. Also every build that makes a slight impression it could be mechanical or has an actual function. (Mill, Water-barrell-building). If it would be possible to make builds interactive, more than just opening and closing their doors, I’d be very happy and pleased.


go to omnishop
and use his second portal i just made a waterbucket turn into a 8way elevator and made a mecanical draw bridge with engines(static) :smile:
also a harbour with cranes and a dockboss office
even the bridge has a coal shovling station to fuel it hehe


If you looking for new ides, you should keep up for what is trending right now, i mean casinos are really popular. [ gambling links removed - Stretchious ] - take a look at these projects and do something like that, worth a shot.


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This is not the place to be advertising gambling websites - in fact, nowhere on this forum is suitable for that… take is elsewhere.


I’ve been to the 2d art competition and have saw many other artful pieces.

But, what about an art museum? I don’t think I’ve seen any of those yet.