Building a new workshop



Also, there seems to be a dormant meteor hiding in with your compactors :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow I have a 4 as my ocd almost stopped though through purely being annoyed at it

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It’s just there to be compact.


Question (not that i pay to much attention to this but) doesn’t a “stranger” have to interact with it (the machine, table and/or furnace) to trigger the “xp reward” to said character?

Im asking because even though I don’t pay real attention to this it seems the “xp reward” triggers when I interact with (and/or remove crafts from) said machine, table or furnace.

And pays out when I return with my character that started the craft (login)… To note it also seems that when then close to un interacted machines, tables and/or furnaces trigger after passing by with said crafting character.

I also want to point out lately I start crafts and don’t return to that character for more then a week. That time span should then have triggered the “xp reward” for non interacted machines upon login right? I mean if strangers can activate the payout without interacting.

Again not that i pay to much attention to this but as i see mentioned that strangers can trigger the “xp reward” im just wondering :wink:

[edit “more info]
My work room is under the TNT Lamblis hub and all the machines, tables and furnaces are under 1 beacon.


According to @lucadeltodecso the XP is only stored for approximately a week. You might be losing XP doing this. I’m not sure if this affect XP still stored on the machine, or only XP that has been release from the machine to the beacon.

There are some very interesting posts in that thread…

This is correct, although “interact” can be simply looking at it long enough to force the status display.

The XP is collected to the beacon if another character (character B) interacts with the machine while you (character A) have an item crafting in it. Character A will then collect the XP to the character when they enter the beacon.

If Character A interacts with the machine first, the XP is collected to the character that moment.

If you are deep enough this doesn’t seem to matter. My old workshop was between my hub and one of my retail shops, and people would run over the roof (within three blocks of my coils/machines) all the time. It took me forever to figure this out due to sometimes logging in to no XP, sometimes logging in to some, and sometimes logging in to all my XP already being “in the beacon”.


Thx for the information it explains a lot :wink:

That said I didn’t know that there was/is an “expiration time” on “xp rewards”.
To be fair good information for others to :wink:.
As I don’t really care about the xp gain on my alts (they’ll lvl when they do :wink:).


Please…do you really need collect xp anymore…lol. I need your secrets. Haha

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yeah i find it small too, i got about 25k plots spare, i should expand right… :thinking:
its only 5k plots :man_shrugging: and yeah only 20% done (ish)

its called decoy :shushing_face:


Hmm your workshop is only rank 4 on the world. Seems like it’s too small


WOW!! Awesome!

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Seems to small for him :smirk:

whatever :rofl:

Once he will rule the world :wink:

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What does hi mean hi means hello people don’t say once hello will rule
The world

Now have a look! :wink:

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Yeah he will well till I rise in power :wink::smirk: I have more plans than all of you combined

P.s I am very good at strategy I will rule you all also my cat butterball is my enforcer he takes out my competition
Good piece of advice do not cross me

Also seriously once is not grammatically correct

Yes, those “commas” are really difficult… especially when they are totally missing (good luck reading).


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Ok I’m all fairness comma are more so optional than once when it comes to grammar in forums it doesn’t really need punctuation but does need words to at least attempt to be put correctly

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So I’m making a New Workshop with tons more machines I was kurious about something should I make a workshop all in one spot or make my entire city a workshop have different areas all the machines I’m planning to at least have 100 of each machine

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