Pinned “Fact and/or information” topic

Have been thinking about this a little while now and finally figured “make this suggestion”.

I know there are guides, topics and on… with all the tidbits of the information if you look for it. But the question you would have to ask is how hard you will have to look for it.
For example if you want to know something about light source intensity and mechanics about 50% of the topics found are irrelevant and post made are about 90% irrelevant to what you want to know.
(The % isn’t counted just a figure of speech and just a suggested search topic)

We are at almost 2,5y since release and there are a lot of topics and posts to sift through to find an answer on a simple question.

If im honest if I forgot or need to know something “I ain’t got time for that” and end up asking on discord or just posting it a new on the forum.

Im also not suggesting that it would be a post “willy nilly” information topic as that would result in the same problem.

This Topic should be updated with interesting bits, answers on questions, information on mechanics…

Don’t know how much of a “job” it will be for moderators and up (as I don’t think just any one should be able to edit it) to copy-paste the relevant information in to this topic.
But would say start fresh add when asked. Not sift through all those posts made (as I already think thats a nightmare).

This topic should contain something like;

  • hunt group etiquette and how to find them.
  • how liquids work.
  • light source differences and mechanics.
  • crafting “xp reward” like @Nightstar explained in this topic Building a new workshop (Strangers interaction and so on).
  • chisel mechanics (yes its learning by doing).
  • optimized farming seeds/crops.

Just to give some examples.
(Could also just add the posts where the information came from)

[my reasoning]

Don’t get me wrong if someone asks a question and i know the answer to it ill happily answer it and if needed my best to explain it. (It can be a mess of information at times just how my mind works).

But as some questions return occasionally and are simple to answer but get lost in the mess we created :wink:. Resulting in asking the question once more.
With a pinned “fact/information” topic the questions and answers don’t get lost anymore.

I hope what im suggesting makes any sense at all.
Don’t mind to hear any other suggestions for this and what anyone thinks about it :wink:.